Earlier this month I wore it in an outfit, today I’m going to show you how to DIY it.  It’s DIY in 5minutes, that is.  The easiest, quickest ways to take a piece from blah to fab and update it to current trends.

Fur trim is applicable for anything hooded: a sweater, hoodie, or jacket. (Or even on pocket edges, lapels, flaps…you get the idea!;-)   As the temperatures drop, the need to bundle up increases – and adding a layer of furry material adds a ton of warmth.  I always shop cheap when I can – but often affordable prices mean skimpy manufacturing techniques and minimal trim and details.  Add more value to your bargain pieces by adding a quick-and-easy line of faux fur trim to your favorites.

You Need:

*hooded piece to embellish
*faux fur trim long enough to go around the hood – mine was 5″ wide (or a strip cut from faux fur by the yard)


*measuring tape
*sewing machine and thread matching fur
*hand-sewing needle and thread matching your hooded piece
*skewer, knitting needle, or chopstick


1. Measure around your hood to find out how long your trim needs to be.  (Add about 3/4″ to each end so you have enough trim for the seam allowance.)  Cut trim according to measurement.

2. Fold the trim over on itself lengthwise and sew into a tube on your sewing machine, leaving about 2″ unsewn in the center of the seam.  Taper the ends.

3. Trim the excess at the ends.

4. Turn right-side-out using a skewer, knitting needle, or chopstick.

5. Use the skewer to pull any fur our of the seam if it was caught in there while sewing.

6. Use a hand-sewing needle to stitch the trim around the edge of the hood, stitching the opening in the trim tube closed as you go.

This is a super-easy way to add some wintery furriness to your favorite jacket or hoodie – and even if it takes more than 5 minutes to complete – it will most certainly take no longer than 15!

Happy DIY’ing!


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