Another project -this time a bag project- I submitted for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge back in early August.  It’s a little bohemian and a whole lotta fun!


*Rust Suedette Fringe
*Gold Circle Studs
*Leather Flower Appliques

Additional Tools/Materials:

*faux suede handbag
*leather glue
*awl (optional)

[prep: remove embellishments on bag…I also cut the shoulder strap off and braided it, reattaching it to the bag]

1. Cut Suedette Fringe in half.

2. Apply leather glue to underside of fringe, and place just under the top edge of the bag.

3. Allow to dry.

4. Lift fringe up, and glue second layer of fringe underneath so the top fringe just barely overlaps it.

5. Push a Circle Stud through the center of each Leather Flower.

6. Apply flowers to bag, pushing the prongs of the studs through the bag, and using pliers to fold the prongs over on the inside.  If the material of the bag is very thick, an awl can be helpful to poke hole first.

7. If you prefer more security, add a thin layer of glue between the leather flowers and the bag in order to glue them down.

Let the 70’s come alive again!

Happy DIY’ing!


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