I love comments on my posts!  (I mean, who doesn’t love feedback?!)  The positive comments that say “thanks for your hard work” or “I really like this” always put me in such a good mood throughout the day.  They give me the fuel to sit down the next day for hours on end crafting another post.  Comments and feedback (even if some of it is constructive criticism) really help me target my blog to the needs of the people who are reading it, so I’m not just throwing useless words out there into the ether.

And as all of you fellow Bloggers know, sometimes you just get weird comments.  Spam comments usually represent a fraction of them – and the spammers, when certain methods don’t work, often employ new tactics to get their comments permanently on your blog.

But this is a new one.  It had my ROFL for awhile. (click to read)

It seems the Russian mafia has an inordinate amount of time on their hands.:-)



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