So the finale episode of AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad is airing this Sunday – how excited is everyone for it??! I confess I only got into watching the show this last Spring, and although I did binge-watch it on Netflix in marathons, at times I had to take a long breather from watching because I was finding it too much. It psychologically insinuated itself into my life, where the storylines would stay with me, the characters’ motives and acting still thrilled upon reflection, and the visuals would flash before my eyes at random moments. (Okay, a little not good for daily life.)

diybreakingbagpuppets_jesseheisenbergpuppetsBut of course I was dying to find out what happened next! So after taking a 3-month hiatus from the show, I finally dived back in – just in time too, so I can celebrate the final episode this Sunday with an intimate gathering.

diybreakingbagpuppets_hanksaulpuppetsdiybreakingbagpuppets_skylerwalterpuppetsdiybreakingbagpuppets_1And I couldn’t resist getting crazy and crafty and whipping up some Breaking Bad-themed stick puppets – totally silly, I know – but they work great as decorations for the food table, or for everyone to grab their favorite character from the show while watching. (I admit I only thought of this yesterday at 11:30 AM, and figured “somebody must have already made some Breaking Bad puppets,” but Googled it and found nothing.) diybreakingbagpuppets_jesseheisenbergpuppets2So even though it’s at the eleventh hour, here are the patterns and instructions for some of the main characters from the groundbreaking TV series:

Just right-click to Save to your computer, open in a PDF reader, and print at full size – you can even enlarge the patterns if you want a full-face mask like for Halloween!

DIY Walter White Stick Puppet


Download Pattern + Instructions for DIY Walter White Stick Puppet (904K)


DIY Heisenberg Stick Puppet

diybreakingbag_heisenbergstickpuppet Download Pattern + Instructions for DIY Heisenberg Stick Puppet (951K)


DIY Jesse Pinkman Stick Puppet

diybreakingbag_jessestickpuppet Download Pattern + Instructions for DIY Jesse Pinkman Stick Puppet (832K)


DIY Skyler White Stick Puppet

diybreakingbag_skylerstickpuppet Download Pattern + Instructions for DIY Skyler White Stick Puppet (893K)


DIY DEA Agent Hank Schrader Stick Puppet

diybreakingbag_hankstickpuppet Download Pattern + Instructions for DIY DEA Agent Hank Schrader Stick Puppet (867K)


DIY Attorney “Better Call Saul” Goodman Stick Puppet

diybreakingbag_saulstickpuppetDownload Pattern + Instructions for DIY Attorney “Better Call Saul” Goodman Stick Puppet (904K)



Hope you guys enjoy – and have a blast watching the last episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad!


The patterns above are all copyright Carly J. Cais for Chic Steals. They are for personal use only. Please do not sell or distribute these patterns. If you would like to share these patterns, please link to the full post and not the pattern itself. Thank you!

Also: this post is not condoning drug use, smoking, or anything – just serving as a resource for fans of the show.


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