hi carly! it’s me judith chen 🙂 I have a plan to remake my bf’s Giordano plain tee with some patchwork.I have some black velvet leftofers I’d like to work you have any ideas, and um..some kind of cat/wolf related design ideas, if possible. thanks
Hi Judith! Well…I have a FABULOUS idea that’s been sitting on my DIY’s To Do pile…how about a t-shirt with leopard “spots” that are cut out of black velvet? You could make each spot slightly abstract-shaped, and sew them onto the tee wherever you like (my choice would be on the shoulders or down one side).
It’s not *literally* a cat design…but somewhat “inspired by” if you will. If you want to go more literal, how about a silhouette of a wolf howling at the moon, done in black velvet a la Twilight?
 Anyone else have some ideas for Judith?
t-shirt photo from; detailing added by Photoshop
Twilight wolf phase img from


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