How do you keep yourself looking so good, young and skinny? 🙂
Awww, thank you! You’re so very sweet:-) 

It’s probably a combination of genes and habits (and maybe Photoshop??? hehe;-).

On the beach in Hawaii.  I don’t know how I survived living there for 4 years without turning into a lobster.

I’ve used the highest SPF I possibly can (that’s still affordable) since I was 16 when I realized I am just physically unable to tan. I’ve been using SPF 110 for the last year or so – I always buy the Neutrogena brand that has Helioplex in it, and I put it on after my moisturizer, every single day, rain or shine, whether I’m going in or staying out, on my face, neck (front & back), chest (if exposed), backs of the hands, and arms (if exposed). When I go to the beach, I stay hidden under a huge umbrella, with a huge hat, huge sunglasses (yes, HUGE is the word of the day), and often drape my clothing over my head to cover myself. I always wear a long t-shirt when I swim outside (though I recently purchased a long-sleeved rashguard, so now I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of board-shorts to go with it. Heck, I would wear something like a 1920’s bathing costume if I could just so I could be more covered-up.) All this is not exactly carefree or fun, but it’s second-nature to me now.

I’ve also never smoked or done any drugs – and was never a “partier” during my school years.

I only drink water (I hate alcohol, and cut coffee, soda, and juice out of my diet about 10 years ago or so). Sure, I might have the tiniest sip now and then of Hub’s diet Coke or Lil Tot’s apple juice, but on the whole most sweet drinks just taste too sweet to me, and soda too fizzy. I guess I’ve just lost the palate for it! (I do drink some green tea or peppermint tea once in awhile for the health benefits, but 98% of the time I’m drinking water.)

I also eat lots of fruit and raw vegetables, stopped using salad dressing like 13 years ago, eat a handful of nuts and 1T – 2T of ground flaxseed every day, and try to choose things that have more health benefits than health risks to put in my body. About 2-3 days a week I’ll only eat and cook vegetarian or vegan meals; I eat red meat rarely, though I do love chicken. (I always joke that I was a vegetarian for 6 years until KFC did me in…because I do have a terrible weakness for the stuff. But I might eat KFC like once every 6 months??  Colonel’s Extra Crispy!)

I only recently started learning a lot about nutrition and how the body works through my subscription to Health Magazine (they are the best – seriously!!) and Parents Magazine, and doing Tony Horton’s diet and exercise programs [Power 90 and P90X] through the years. There was so much I didn’t know about health and nutrition and food until I was in my late 20’s!! What a waste high school Health Class was. (Is anybody with me on this??)

So yes, I LOVE Ruffles potato chips and chocolate cake and fruit pies and peanut butter cookies and butterscotch candies and licorice and Twizzlers and shortbreads and chocolate but I do try to eat those things rarely and barter them for other things in my diet that may have very little health benefits as well.

Like I will eat only a small amount of white rice (this makes me popular with my Japanese in-laws!!) in exchange for eating a small slice of cake for dessert. I may eat an ounce of potato chips but then will forgo my serving of carbs or make my serving of meat smaller at dinner. Though I like fat free milk better, I eat my cereal with soymilk because it’s the same amount of calories with higher protein from a non-animal source, no HGH or other preservatives etc. Stuff like that adds up in the long run, I guess.

I am still trying to get back into my usual workout routine which I had to take time off from while I was sick during the Spring. Until then I was jogging or speed-walking intervals 3x a week, and did another day or two of weight-training and/or yoga or stretching. But after hitting 30 , moving to suburbia, and sitting about the house all day [in front of the computer], the pounds have definitely crept on so I’m no role model in that respect.:-)

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I also take a multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin D, and a calcium supplement daily, as well as use a retinol-based serum mixed in with my night cream that has really produced visible results. Plus Oil of Olay products have also really helped the quality and texture of my skin.

Hope that answers your question!


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