Whatever you do, there will always be detractors from it.

Whatever you say, there will always be disagreements with it.

More often than not, positive reinforcement comes less often than negativity.

Do not let that bring you down.  (May times, you are your most vicious critic!)

Though you may not always hear it, there will be people who appreciate what you say.

Though you may not always know it, there will be someone who benefits from what you do.

 Do not give up.  Do not let self-doubt lead you to believe no one cares.  Do not believe your writing, posting, sharing falls on deaf ears.

They do not.  You are a contributor.  You are valued.  It is the journey that many share, each and every day.

To all those whose blogs I read but have never commented on, to all those whose thoughts I benefit from, whose words remain with me, whose art inspires me.  To all those whom I have never expressed my gratitude.

Thank you.

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