When it comes to online shopping for budget-friendly sparkly jewelry (wedding bands, engagement bands, promise rings. etc.) there’s a lot out there – and it’s expensive!  When I heard about LuShae Jewelry I was not only impressed with the prices on their website, but I was also intrigued as to whether the actual pieces were as quality as the descriptions.

I was first shocked at how quickly the package arrived (from Australia, no less!); I ordered it on a Thursday evening, and received it Monday in the mail.  (And this was choosing the “regular shipping” option at checkout!  I’m also on the U.S. West Coast, for reference purposes.;-)

Secondly, what was in the shipping box was a beautiful canvas-covered navy-and-cream buttoned jewelry box – a jewelry box design I’ve never come across before (and I have jewelry-makers’ supply catalogs from just about everywhere).  It wasn’t too frou-frou (it could work as a gift box for a woman or a man), but it wasn’t cheapy either.

Thirdly, I was impressed with the quality of the ring within.  Sure, the photo looked nice on the website but you never really know.   The silver was beautiful and bright, and the stones were clear and pure in their colors.  Here is the ring I chose from their site:

Isn’t it incredible?  (CZ Sculpture ring, $69)

Now, the offerings on the site are probably more geaered to the classicist – they offer some very classic, tasteful designs that are likely to withstand the test of time.  [On another note, I was also interested in the wedding band replacements they offered since mine and Hub’s wedding bands, which are Cartier and made of platinum, are scratched unbelievably.  Open a door?  It gets scratched.  Pick up my chain-handled bag?  Scratched?  Do the dishes?  Scratched.  I had no idea platinum was so soft – it’s like buttah.  And my Tiffany’s sterling silver engagement ring has also suffered the same fate.  I have had them proessionally polished multiple tmes – and they just end up a mess of scratches almost immediately after.  Thus I rarely wear my wedding/engagement rings, and since our 10th anniversary since we met is coming up, we were thinking of replacing them with something that won’t scratch and look so messy.  So if you are in the same situation, and don’t want to wear your real wedding band every day (perhaps it’s extremely precious; could get lost or damaged etc.) then LuShae has some great options in stainless steel, like this 2mm Gold Band.

Even though I had a hard time choosing from the jewelry on their website since so much of it is classic (and I’m not really a classic gal, to tell the truth), I was taken with this Rhodium-finish ring, with its bars of jonquil, light amethyst, and peridot CZ.  I have honestly never seen a design like this, with alternating gemstone bars at different angles.  It’s lovely, bright, springy, and oh so unusual.

If you are in the market for sparkly, affordable jewelry (that’s far more quality than what you can find at the mall) – definitely check out LuShae Jewelry and browse through their rings, earrings, and necklaces to see if anything captures your fancy.:-)


I was gifted a piece of my choice from LuShae Jewelry – see my disclosure policy for deets!


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