1. Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection, $40 / 2. Man Candles, $14 each / 3. Star Wars Breakfast Beverages Set, $29.99

4. Race Day Cufflinks, $24.99 /5. The Homebrew Handbook, $19.95 / 6. Lomographic Holga Starter Kit, $54

7. BANG! Caffeinated Ice Cream Set, $21.99 / 8. Space Intruder Mini-Tool, $24 / 9. Road Mice Race Mouse, $34.99 -$49.99

10. Dodocase iPad Case, $59.95 / 11. 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Carry-On Set, $50

Dads (and men in general) tend to be super-hard to shop for…my hubby, for instance, prefers gifts that are ultimately practical and utilitarian rather than romantic, decorative, or handmade.  (Another Men are from Mars moment I suppose…)  So each year I do my best to find something that I think he will use and appreciate (though sometimes I just give in and buy his favorite edibles when nothing else will do!;-)

For all the Dads in your life…and Granddads, and Dads-to-be…here’s a few items that might prove useful, or even (hopefully!) greeted with a truly heartfelt exclamation of “Ohmygosh that’s just what I wanted!”  From something for the techie to the gourmet connoisseur, from the old-school gamer to the would-be DIY-er…this list may just be able to spark a few gift ideas for your favorite dude.

Happy [early] Father’s Day to everyone!


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