We all know her as that stylish bombshell who showcases classy, droolworthy outfits with a twist, shares fabulously innovative DIY’s, and muses on everything from interior design to favorite books to hair-style tips and tricks.  A quick perusal of her blog ….love, Maegan is never quick: you get pulled into her signature style, and before you know it, you’re whipping up a pair of your own over-the-knee boot-covers or maribou-feather skirt, sympathizing with her personal struggles, and laughing along with her ironic sense of humor that catches you off-guard.

But what really makes her tick?  I had the privilege of interviewing her via email, and below are her refreshingly honest answers.

Carly: When, how, and why did you start your blog? 
Maegan: I think it was late 2007 …In April I had started an eco blog as a companion to my eco company {besmartbegreen.com} and when I thought I was pregnant a couple months later, decided to make a personal blog as well.  Of course, I wasn’t pregnant but the blog remained and slowly became an outlet for all things creative.  In all honesty, it helped remind me who I was and what I was passionate about but it wasn’t until mid 2008 that I started taking it seriously when I realized that doing what I loved could possibly pay off. 

C: How many hours a day/a week do you put into your site, and how are they divided?  

M: Sometimes I sit down to write a “quick” post and 3 hours later finally hit publish!  Here’s a breakdown of my outfit posts: Photography, 5-10 minutes.  I set up my camera and shoot all my own photos ….I usually take 10-20 shots per outfit because you never know how many usable shots you’ll get.  Editing and preparing the post usually takes about an hour.  I’d say if you want  your blog to be successful, you have to think of it like you would a small business …it’s definitely a  full-time job.

C: When do you work on your blog? 
M: Whenever I think I need to really. 

C: Are you a member of any blog associations or networking groups?  

M: I am but I’m not that great at upkeep and follow-through.  When I was beginning, I signed up for everything just to get my name out there. 

C: How did you learn the ins and outs of blogging and marketing it? 

M: I’ve been designing web sites since 1997 so to me, blogging was just an extension of that.  Beyond knowing how to code, being familiar with how the internet and search engines work driving traffic to a site is very helpful indeed.  I learned everything else by just doing it …putting in the time. 

C: You work part-time as a graphic designer…do your coworkers know of your site? 

M: Yes, I do still work in an art gallery {for an art dealer} 3 days a week as a graphic/web designer.  One coworker knows of my site …she has her own blog {drollgirl.blogspot.com} and a former coworker knows too …but no one else.  It’s possible that my boss knows but we have never spoken of it. 

C: Could you describe your typical day? 

M: Well, it depends on the day really.  On T, Th, & F I work in the art gallery from 9am to 3pm.  On my drive home I search out a location, park, set up my camera and take my outfit shots. When I get home I upload my images and begin editing my photos and prepare my post to be published the next morning.  Check my emails, pay some bills, read a few blogs …and after that, I hang out with my husband and dogs for the rest of the day, eat dinner, watch TV …you know, the norm 😉  

C: What’s the craziest request or comment that you’ve ever dealt with regarding your site? 
M: Um ….lol. I probably shouldn’t say but …an adorable girl kindly offered to be a 3 in a a threesome with my husband and I.  She also offered to carry a baby for me if I couldn’t get pregnant.  It makes me giggle but she’s really sweet.  In the end, we declined both though. {I shouldn’t say “We” because I’m sure if it were up to my husband, it would have ended much differently} lol!

C: Best/Worst things about maintaining such a well-read blog with so many readers? 

M: Best: motivation to keep blogging and doing what I love.  Worst: feeling badly about not being able to respond to every email and/or comment I get from my readers. 

C: Have you ever been recognized by someone who reads your blog? 

M: Only later via a comment or twitter.  No one has stopped me in public …and I’m pretty sure my face would turn bright pink with embarrassment if someone did.


C: You’re stunning – have you had a lot of random guys try to pick you up?  Any funny encounters or awful pick-up lines? 
M: First of all, thank you!  And secondly, how can I answer this without sounding like a total douche?  The answer is yes, guys/men {strangers} have always been ruthlessly obvious about how they feel about me in public. The one that stands out in my head always is from when I was about 13 years old …a much older man looked at me and said “You can spank my monkey”.  I learned very young the power of sexuality over men.   Because of it, I am extremely guarded when dealing with men because I never really know what their motives are …which I actually don’t like.  But I’m getting older so I’m guessing I won’t have to worry about it too much longer, LOL.  On the other hand, in the Viper Room one night in the mid 90’s Chris Farley told me I was “Perty” which to this day makes me giggle. 

C: You’ve been making and sharing fabulous DIY’s with your readers for so long…have you always been making clothing/jewelry etc.? 

M: Actually, yes.  We didn’t have a lot of money when I was a kid, raised by a single mom, I had to work to help her pay for my private high school education.  I knew if I wanted something I was going to have to figure out how to make it myself.  And I did. 

C: How did you learn to sew? 

M: My mom taught me how to sew when I was a kid.  I had a little plastic sewing machine that came with pre-cut pillow patterns of Russian dolls I think.  I had very little patience for patterns though and following lines {and rules}.  But soon I moved up to using my moms machine …which I still use today because it’s my favorite!  It’s from the 60’s and she actually found a duplicate for me a couple years ago but it doesn’t work as well so I steal hers. I have both sitting in my hall closet right now. 

C: Were you interested in being a fashion designer at all or going to fashion design school? 

M: YES!  Actually one of my first dreams was to be a fashion designer.  I went to school but never finished.  While attending school, I actually met someone who was an emerging leather accessory designer who would 6 years later become my fiance …we broke up on year 7 of our relationship and then I met my now husband 6 months later.  In those 7 years, I put my heart and soul into his company and in the meantime learned everything there is to know about leather …not to mention a bit about the fashion industry {mostly as far as Hollywood is concerned though: stylists, films, celebrities.  More so than, let’s just say, producing fashion shows}.  But I never got the credit I longed for and deserved from him and regret giving my all to something that would ultimately never have my name on it. 

C: Any regrets in your life in your career path or choices? 
M: I gave up a lot of myself in that 7 year relationship I mentioned above.  I gave up fashion design because I thought I was going somewhere career-wise with that person and I gave up acting as well.  Those are my regrets …I guess the main regret is the relationship, I suppose.  You live and you learn.

C: If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self..how old would your younger self be and what advice would you give? 

M: I would tell my 23 year old self to follow your heart …not in men but in life passion.  And do not, under any circumstances, forget who you are because others tell you to be someone else.  If only I knew that then I’d be in a much different place now, I’m sure of it.

C: What are your plans for the future (career…blog etc.)? 

M: Originally, I had hoped my blog be successful so that I could be a stay at home mom and raise kids while doing what I love.  But since I’m not getting pregnant, I may have to rethink everything.  For now, I’m just taking it one day at a time …but more relaxation would be a plus 🙂  

  C: And lastly…do you have a style philosophy?  

M: If you’re unsure about what to wear, go with a classic, timeless look.  You may not be fashion forward but at least you’ll look chic and pulled together.   But in the end, you should wear what makes you feel good.

If you haven’t checked out …love, Maegan, be sure to swing on by and see why it’s so darn addictive!

Thank you, Maegan, for your time and for agreeing to be interviewed!  (If you guys hadn’t already guessed, she’s one of my blogging idols, so it was a real treat to be able to do so.) 🙂


all photos from loveMaegan.com unless otherwise stated.


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