Tommy hilfiger backstage interview

We recently interviewed Tommy Hilfiger backstage at his Fall 2010 show in New York…and found out that he is a true romantic, digs donuts, and can spell!

Listen to the interview below:

Or read the transcript:

Fashiontribes: What’s your philosophy to being successful in life?
Tommy Hilfiger: Never give up. Think positive.

FT: Favorite travel destination?
TH: The Caribbean.

FT: You have 2 minutes to pack – what do you bring?
TH: Jeans, button-down shirt, sneakers.

FT: If you were a type of junk food, what would you be?
TH: A Dunkin’ Donut.

FT: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?
TH: Flew my wife from Monaco over here, before we were married – and asked her to marry me!

FT:  Are you a typical Aries?
TH: Yes.

FT: Adventurous and energetic; selfish and quick-tempered; pioneering and courageous?
TH: I’m not quick-tempered; I’m not that selfish because I share with my family and my children…but all the rest of it, yes.

FT: How do you spell happiness?
TH: H-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s.

– Carly J. Cais, Contributing Editor

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