Well, I might as well do an Oscars-themed post as the Oscars are now three days ago.  Better late than never:-)

The girls from I Heart Daily have put together a Look for Less taking inspiration from the red carpet at the Oscars and finding similar looks courtesy of Wet Seal.  I think they did a great job…and I’m too lazy to do one of my own…so here are their picks:

I personally LOVE the Mini Ruffle Dress (at the top, LOOK#1) – it looks so expensive compared to its retail price!  And the Rhinestone Hoop Earrings (LOOK #2) – are fab – rhinestones on the sides of the hoops rather than the front make for a great twist on this classic.

Who was your fave for Best Dressed at the Oscars?  (I loved J. Lo and Zoe Saldana!)


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