Sure, they may be a bit conservative overall, but these Mazi Skimmers from Alloy are also so pretty and sweet.  I think the blue dotted print may just become my new favorite for work – and Fall 2012!They also come in a wine, black, and standard leopard-print, and I love how the girly edge looks peeking out from some long dark jeans or punctuating a flared skirt.

Mazi Skimmer, $24.90

I’ve been overwhelmed with re-designing Chic Steals…and am thinking about abandoning the dev site and just making everything live as-is, and tweak as the days go by.  Not an ideal experience for all of you guys, but doing it this way may prevent conflicts and bugs in the long run…  I apologize in advance! Plus work has been long hours, school will be starting next week, and I still have another project to finish up soon…

I love being busy but right now I have had too many days in a row being woken up at 4 AM when my husband gets up to go to work…it’s beginning to take its toll.  And New York Fashion Week is just wrapping up and I haven’t even started to check out the Collections yet!  I think the first 2 weeks of September are the busiest of the entire year…who’s with me on that??!  At least I don’t have to worry about what shoes to wear to work!;-)



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