(handmade snap tape bauble necklace, Forever21 long-sleeved top, handmade chiffon mini-bustier, Forever21 rhinestone knuckle ring, Icing by Claires silver rhinestone tendril ring, handmade studded fabric ring, Jeans Warehouse wool mini-shorts, Spanx reversible tights, Mossimo tricolor over-the-knee socks, GoJane slouch suede flat boots)

I wore this last Tuesday while in New York at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The night before I had noticed a few tiny flakes swirling down as I made my way back to my hotel.  When I woke up Tuesday morning, outside it looked like this:

I began to be very sorry I had not brought my travel umbrella as the falling snow got heavier – and wetter- as the day went on.  I spent 30 minutes curling my hair into a big Dallas-esque poof in the morning – and it went completely flat within an hour of being outside.

My feet were also soaked in their GoJane suede boots.  (The only water-resistant shoes I had had a 4″ heel and my feet were aching so badly from the previous day’s city-trekking that I nixxed them in favor of flats.)
That day I took some photos of fashionable people in the tents, watched the Pamella Roland show (I was third row – almost directly behind Brooke Shields!), shopped at STEPS boutique, met a friend for a late lunch at Chef Yu, headed out to the Lower East side, poked in some boutiques (including Cloak & Dagger and AlphabetsNYC), went to the Samantha Pleet show and interviewed the designer, then back to the tents at Bryant Park for the Toni Francesc show.
Sorry for the bad pictured – camera troubles abounded, and eventually I was just using my Blackberry to snap photos.
I had a big piece of hair sticking out the left side of my head – why doesn’t anyone tell me these things before we take a photo???? 
I’m also experimenting with a matte nude lip – M.A.C. makes the best nude lipstick ever (exactly the same shade as my skin!!) called Myth.

Well- at least I was warm (except for my feet) & comfortable!  I barely took off my coat the entire day.





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