(handmade cropped topper with cutout, flap shoulders, and snap tape detailing; handmade drapey viscose tank; Forever21 2-finger ring; handmade bead ring; studded leather wrap bracelet; Forever21 shorts; Spanx tights; GoJane slouchy boots)

I have to apologize for the bad photos; we didn’t have a lot of time to take shots; had to take the photos inside, hence the bad lighting; and the camera I brought with me is just awful. 
On this day (Sunday, Feb. 14), I went backstage at Luca Luca and interviewed the designers of Dannijo Jewelry (who provided the jewelry for the show), and Luca Luca designer Raul Melgoza [so behind on my write-ups and transcriptions!  ugh.]…went to the show…met some friends (from Hawaii no less!) at Le Pain Quotidian for lunch…headed out to Brooklyn to spend the afternoon with one of my best friends from high school…(it’s his room that we shot the above photos in)…visited the Century 21 department store in the Financial District where I tried on that ruined Vivienne Westwood blouse…and had a Valentine’s Day dinner at some random Italian place near Times Square.
The topper and drapey tank are part of the mini-collection I’ve been working on the past few weeks and brought with me to show around at Fashion Week.  I will definitely take some better photos of them once I’m back and with my nice Nikon 40D!

The ring on the right I made – it’s a huge acrylic bead with rhinestone trim running through the center of it.

Another photo of the outfit from my seat at the Luca Luca show.

I’m at Fashion Week!!!  So thrilled!  (I look more scary than thrilled; I know:-)




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