Last show of the evening, Tuesday Feb 16. Walked away with my jaw permanently unhinged.

Not necessarily because of the extravagance of it; quite the opposite – the clean, minimalistic lines evoked Star Trek and a strong, sensuous woman who was anything but demure.

Strong shoulders, inverted pleats, spliced fabrics, the juxtaposition of shiny vs. matte – all created a seamless progression of sleek, covetable pieces.  The collection, entitled “Artificial Life,” was “based on an androgynous image, where man and technology are combined.”  Consisting of cotton, viscose, and silk, the fabrics used were modified through color-fading processes to recall rusted metals and industrial elements.  Hair was lacquered and shaped into semi-coneheads; the silhouettes and shapes evoked references to science fiction films.

Although he has been showing at Fashion Weeks around the world since 1987, this was only the second time the designer has presented his collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

I personally loved so many pieces – they were simplistic but elegant; sleek but sassy; retro but futuristic.  And I had I the chance, I would have stolen that little black vest topper from Look #8 right off the model!

How do you respond to these pieces?
Wish you could have been there!


P.S. I’m sorry about posting all these photos from Getty Images from a show I was actually in attendance at.  I wasn’t able to bring my professional camera to take photos at the shows – and my digital camera doesn’t seem to take very good photos in the dark (it’s reeeeeallly old).  I’m finding my Blackberry seems to take better piccies!  But in the dark, from a couple rows away, these are the quality of the photos I’ve been able to take with the BB:

I know, right?  Hideous.  And I dare to call meself a blogger!  Sheesh.

professional photos source



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