(handmade top with chiffon frill, Mossimo Black long-sleeved tissue-weight tee, Forever21 studded stretch bracelet and Lacquered Pyramid Bangle, handmade stretch beaded bracelets, Insight Beanpole ripped jeans over Target ombre tights, GoJane slouch flat boots)
Day 2 (Monday, a week ago) of my trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I attended the IFB Evolving Influence Conference and met a whole lot of cool bloggers (some whose blogs I’ve been reading for awhile, so I went totally fangirl on them!), and met a really cool girl who used to live in Portland!  Due to time running over with the conference I missed the Jill Stuart show (total bummer, but since they never confirmed my RSVP, I’m not sure I would have been able to go anyway:-(.  Then I managed to go to the Robert Verdi Retreat event [coverage coming soon – Lil Tot is hitting me in the head with a plastic cup so I can barely get through this post] and scored TONS of swag which I still have to go through and decide what to give away on my little blog in the near future.:-)  Then back to the tents for the Ecco Domani show (still gotta do a write-up ugh but SIKI IM was the awesomest thing I’ve seen in a looooong time there!)  I missed the Thieves show, which I was also bummed about…but all in all it was a pretty full day.

Since New York was bitterly cold – I layered a pair of Insight Beanpole Ripped Jeans (similar here) over a pair of tights for warmth – they’re ombre colored, going from light gray at the top to charcoal at the bottom, so the color just barely peeks through the rips in the jeans.  I was going to layer over turquoise tights, but it really didn’t go with the top.


The top I made out of charcoal gray lightweight suiting fabric.  I know it’s hard to see – but it has a center front pleat, and then a double-layered ruffle at the bottom, with grey chiffon sandwiched in between.  You can wear it with a plain skirt to look business-like or over jeans (like here) to be more casual.

I’m thinking it would be better without the front pleat and with a rounded neckline instead of the semi-V neck it has now.  What do you guys think?

This is a fabulous tissue-weight tee from Mossimo (Target) that I wore TONS as a layering piece in New York.  It’s so soft and surprisingly warm – best $9.99 I ever spent!!

The silver stretch pyramid bracelet is no longer available from Forever21 but the Lacquered Pyramid Bangle (in Black/Gold or Black/Silver) is here for $4.80.


Handmade studded fabric ring.  I wear this all the time.

Forever21 rhinestone knuckle ring I mentioned in an earlier post, hammered architectural ring from Pineapple County (Honolulu), Chanel Particulieremanicure.
I got so many compliments on this ring it was ridiculous! I was like – “no, pay attention to the ring and shirt I MADE, please!!”  It’s disheartening when, as a designer, the stuff you are wearing that you bought in a store is garnering more attention than the stuff you made.  Obviously I need to learn to wear my things to an advantage.;-)  But it’s a cool ring and a great conversation-started!  ($5.80 at Forever21, people!!)

I am growing more and more in love with this color of Chanel nail polishicon.  (Saw it on WhoWhatWear, to be honest, and though I was originally looking for O.P.I. Over the Taupe, this is pretty lovely.)  It’s a deep mushroom color that in some lights looks like a dark cafe latte color, and in some a light gray with the slightest hint of brown.  Plus, it lasts a really long time since it’s Chanel and great quality.

I also added my clip-on Priscilla hair extensions…I so miss my long hair!!  (Can’t wait til this current cut grows out…*sigh*)  I
love that the extensions are already curly and heat-resistant so I can style them how I want to.  Wilshire Wigs has a great selection of clip-in extensions…HairDo hair extensions (from Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson) are super-realistic and great quality!




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