so did you ever check out my blog where I modeled the chain harness you made?www.donnagrace.blogspot.comBuring question I've had.

AAARGH! No I didn't!!! I've had the settings screwed up on my shop blog where Blogger wasn't notifying me of comments! (Way to go, Ms. Compuper-Savvy Carly. As you can see by my spelling of the word “Computet.” Yes, Very good.)
You look soooooo fabulous in the harness!
I am so glad you shared – and I will definitely share on my blog if that is okay with you?
You look so awesome in it it took my breath away! To see somebody really enjoying something I've made…*tears well up*
ahem. Well, it looks FAB. Thank you so much Donna, for letting me know!

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