(handmade dress from a men’s shirt, Claire’s ball-chain necklaces, studded leather bracelet from Buffalo Exchange, Forever21 vinyl leggings, Newport-News lace pumps, DIY leather half-scoop gloves)

This was one of the main reasons I chose to shoot in a studio for my America’s Most Stylish Blogger entries: Portland weather has been like this pretty much every day for 3 weeks. (It has mysteriously cleared up for the weekends…but timing-wise I was only ready to shoot my outfits during the week…I put a lot of thought into each one, and since I don’t get the item from Bluefly until Friday, it didn’t give me enough time to formulate something in time for the rare and unexpected good weather.) Blah. So it’s been cold and wet consistently, but I wanted to post this outfit while it’s still Fall for goodness’ sakes.

Inspired by a reader’s version of the Cute Summer ShirtDress from a Men’s Shirt I made back in August, I chose a plaid shirt for my newest men’s shirt makeover…and created a bustier top with a zip-back, bust-darts, folded front detail, faux belt, peplum, and tulip skirt. (Too much? Customize at will!:-) It took awhile, but it’s done! Tutorial coming soon soon soon once I sit down and write the silly thing.
DIY half-scoop gloves tutorial here. I love them to death! To death I say! (And in this photo, you can see the band-aid on my flu shot that I got that very morning; how very chic.)
The lace pumps really don’t match but I felt like pairing something lacy with the outfit to offset the vinyl leggings.I am totally feeling plaid for Fall. (By now it’s a little cold, so it will go over a black mesh long-sleeved top, and maybe on its own for parties.)




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