Well, not yet anyway!

With social media being the new method of style-sharing and spreading fashion trends, StyleList and Bluefly have launched a national search for America’s Most Stylish Blogger.
They all have style, only one has authority.

8 finalists from across the United States have been chosen to compete. Each of the 8 will receive an item from Bluefly.com every week for 5 weeks. Each will create a look based around that item, photograph the look, and upload it to StyleList’s AMSB Gallery Widget.

Beginning Tuesday, October 27, viewers can vote on the person who styled their piece the best.

Winner is determined by overall cumulative vote after 5 weeks. Winner will receive a $1000 Bluefly.com shopping spree, a “Product Store” featuring product selections by winner on Bluefly.com for 6 months, and a weekly column on StyleList.com for 3 months. One person will also be drawn randomly from those who voted on the looks – to receive a $1000 shopping spree on Bluefly.com.
[I’m actually waaaaaay more excited about the “Product Store” on Bluefly and the blogging on StyleList than the spree…this would be a dream come true for me…and hopefully be a step closer to relaunching my clothing/jewelry line!!]

Voting is limited to U.S. residents 18 years of age and older.

Other bloggers chosen to compete: Behind the Seams, Clutch-22, Style Sophisticate, A Fraction of Fashion, Dirty, Society Stylist, and Kansas Couture.

Definitely check out the other girls in the competition above…I’ve added their blogs to my reading list (if I hadn’t heard of them already)…there’s some really inspiring people involved!

Become a fan on the America’s Most Stylish Blogger Facebook Page and follow StyleList on Twitter!

Now to say I’m a little excited would be an understatement!!

I can’t wait to put together a look and photograph it!

And oh yes…MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Tuesday Oct 27 9 AM EST…that’s when you need to head on over to StyleList.com (or Bluefly.com) and vote for who styled the piece best! (Vote for me!!;-)

Thank you so much to all my lovely readers…I would definitely not be a part of this were it not for all of you.:-)




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