lilo1    Jersey Dress with Rhinestone Trim, Pearls, and Chiffon Edging: handmade by me
Ripped Tights: DIY
Zipper Necklace: YKK
Necklace, cuff, and bracelets: Claire’s
Stone Cuff: White House/Black Market
Bronze Boxing Glove Handbag with Gold Tooth: LOOP
Charcoal Combat Boots: Dr. Martins

This dress was inspired by one I saw Lindsay Lohan wearing in an issue of Marie Claire (2003? memory fails…) True to form, I also completely forgot the designer of the dress, but fell in love with it regardless. (Can anyone help me out?)

The photo I ripped out of the Marie Claire mag several years ago.

So, true to form, I decided to make one myself.  6 years later, it’s finally done! (Actually, I only started making it in earnest about a year ago, then kind of slowed down once I got to the chiffon trim on the sleeve openings – I tried raw-edged chiffon, but it fell apart, and I was feeling somewhat hopeless until I found some chiffon trim at Jo-Ann Fabrics.)  I sewed every single pearl and the rhinestone trim on by hand.  After many countless hours of late-night TV sewing (thank you Whatever Martha! and Gossip Girl) I realized it was a little too short for my comfort, and so added a little of the chiffon trim to the bottom. lilo2 I also added side panels of fabric to prevent bra showage etc.

lilo-dresscuA close-up of the detail on the dress. The zipper-style necklace I received when I was in New York covering Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for– I had to display my press pass on the necklace – which even zips up, just as a YKK zipper should!

lilo3This Loop bag is the coolest thing…I mean, who else would make a bronze bag shaped like a boxing glove?? It even has a chunky gold tooth attached to it.
DIY Ripped Tights tutorial here!  (Though I’m sure you need no help ripping your tights, LOL;-)



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