BR Monogram,dress,wrap
(BR Monogram silk faille dress, designs by Laura Ann Gothica Couture Wrap, Pleaser Platform Heels)

I had a love affair with Banana Republic in February of 2005. My MIL took me on a shopping spree there and I seriously could have bought [read: had her buy for me] everything in the store. That was then.**
**I was also pregnant at the time and didn’t know it. MIL suspected since I had to keep running to the bathroom to pee in-between outfit changes, and then all the lovely outfits she bought for me had to be stuffed into the back of my closet as my ever-expanding waistline busted out of them in subsequent weeks.

But that was then.

And after that, Banana Republic produced crap for what seemed about an age.

And now, methinks they’re back on track. What with the BR Monogram Collection, and the regular stuff in their stores, it’s looking pretty delicious again. (Who wasn’t drooling over that gorgeous beaded silk halter-gown Keri Russell was wearing on the cover of the Dec 2008 Lucky Magazine??)

Yah, baby. Saw this in a Marie Claire a little while ago, squealed, and then scored one for a fraction of the cost on Ebay. I’m kind of between sizes though (in the ridiculous, Gap-fueled vanity sizing system that Banana Republic apparently subscribes to). In this dress in a 6, I’m swimming. In a 4, it fits, but it won’t allow my ribcage to expand (i.e., if I eat a satisfying meal, take a deep breath, etc.). I have now discovered Hollywood’s secret to staying thin! It’s wearing a skintight woven, lined Banana Republic dress that fits you perfectly only if you have nothing in your stomach. And don’t breathe.

BR Monogram,dress,wrap

When I wore it to my brother’s rehearsal dinner, people thought the frilly neckline was part of the dress. It’s not! It’s a little wrap in a gorgeous marbled black satin – that I found on Etsy couretsy of lolashowgirl’s shop. I love it so much…and it looks great too with a simple white tank.

The shoes are going to be sacrificed for a DIY long in the making…just a little short of funds right now, so it’s been put on hold. Pleaser shoes, from Ebay store Starry Nights (the ONLY store on Ebay that sells stripper/goth shoes that doesn’t charge like $15+ for shipping)…I feel so incredibly tall in them.

dress,BR Monogram,wrap

I look mad in this photo. You want something, Mister?

Everything I thought gave me a sort of vampirish-look (in a good way!)…plus I’m a sucker for anything with a frilly neckline.


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