Inspired Alert! Find out Where, by Whom, and When…at INTO THE FASHION

Though I sometimes post a big-name brands piece that I feel was “inspired” somewhere else in my Inspired Alert! posts…this is an entire blog filled with that – straight from the runways.

I’m utterly inspired in turn…and in awe of how much time is put into all of this, as well as the blogger’s fantastic eye for similarities.  Author Diana Marian Murek is a German fashion designer who now lives in Milan and writes for Italian Grazia, and her comparisons of newer runway looks and advertisements with looks and ads from the past is mind-boggling.


For tons more whoa!-like moments and interesting similarities that make you go “hmmmmm…..,” check out


Just amazing!


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Visit to a Morally Suspect Shop and Some Thousand-Dollar Fabric

             Inside the shop: designer fabrics galore!!

Somewhere in Tokyo (though I can’t tell you where exactly) is a tiny custom clothing business, run out of an individual’s apartment, with no sign out front or advertising to let you know it is there.  All customers they have hear about this place by word of mouth, and they don’t advertise anywhere. (more…)

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Recent Chic & Cheap Purchases

Here are a few things I’ve bought in the last couple weeks that are quickly turning into favorites:

(center) gilligan by Gilligan & O’Malley Ruffle Balconet Bra I’m in love with the whole line of lingerie from this brand, available at Target.  All of their pieces are decorated in chiffon, lace, and ruffles, and the prints are sweet (but not too twee).  And they all look so much more expensive than their Target pricetag.  Now I’m not sure where I’m going to wear this ruffled bra…but I loved it so much I had to add it to my lingerie drawer.;-)

(bottom left) Scunci Soft Cloth Rollers: I know it just looks like a wad of tissues…but these rollers are meant for curling your hair at night and then sleeping in them!  They’re each like little tiny pillows with a thin wire through the center…surprisingly comfortable.  And my hair looked great as soon as I woke up in the morning.

(bottom right) Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins: my hair is finally getting log enough to where I can twist it up in a [small and anorexic-looking] chignon.  These pins are amazing, even on shorter lengths!

(center) YSL Arty Oval Ring lookalike from La Dama (but Etsy seller Snefter was also selling these on Etsy for awhile…using the same photos…so I’m not sure if they’re selling to La Dama or what, since what I received didn’t have any Snefter branding on it and La Dama’s website made no mention of it.  V. confusing.)  In any case, it’s beautiful, chunky, and a whole lot less than the original (um, $38!!  Score.)

(left) Shimmering Knuckle Ring and Hinged Armor Ring (no longer avail.; similar here; just pull the center stone off) from Forever 21.

(top left) Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets:  Secret of models for thick, luscious hair for years – and featured last year in Vogue magazine.  That’s good enough for me! (check back in about 4-6 months re: the results of daily supplementation – if any:-)

(top middle) Goddess Hinge Bracelet from Forever 21.

(top right) Mr. Rush: I’ve finally turned my son onto the magic that is the Mr. Men series of books…and he loves them!  Many of the ones I had as a child have been lost over the years, so I recently placed an order for a group of 6 from Amazon.  Mr. Rush was always my favorite – I’m not sure if it was because he was purple (one of my favorite colors) or because he was a triangle (my favorite shape) or because he was rushing everywhere (a kindred spirit!!), but he was just awesome.

(center bottom) Target ombre socks (not available online): they also had hot pink ombre and tangerine ombre.  And I just love ombre!  They look awesome worn with a pair of summer sandals with wood heels.

A couple items I’ve also recently acquired (but forgot to include in the photograph) are:

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in Blue-Away: the perfect robin’s egg blue for Spring/Summer.gilligan by Gilligan & O’Malley Dot Tapset (but I stitched the front opening closed on my cami so I can wear it as a layering piece in an outfit and not feel so…exposed).  It’s so silky and lovely.Forever 21 Poncho Hoodie: not quite as warm as the average hoodie, and looks great paired with something skinny (or short) on the bottom.  I may even cover the front pocket in black leather a la Alexander Wang.;-)


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Inspired Alert! Elizabeth + James Knuckle Ring…and Forever 21 Sideways Cross Ring

Popularized by the lovely Rumi of FashionToast…among many, many others, this Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth + James liquid-metal-look knuckle ring was a huge hit from last year, and continues to be a strong seller from the line.  There’s just something about its sleek, minimalist beauty that seems both timeless and fashion-forward, and I’ve been drooling over it for awhile now.

Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth + James Long Knuckle Ring, $195, Knuckle Ring in Gold, $30,

So I was glad to recently find both a version at, AND one from Forever21 as well.  (Took you long enough, Forever 21!  Hint: Just rip off the filigree from the front of the ring if you’re looking for an exact dupe – it’s affixed with what feels like cheap hot glue and comes off easily.;-)

Forever 21 Regal Knuckle Ring, $5.80

(The Stretchy Knuckle Ring from Forever 21 is also a lookalike for the smaller Elizabeth + James knuckle ring, at about 1.5″ long, and with a stretchy band.)

Additionally, I also found another Elizabeth + Jamese knuckle ring lookalike from Etsy seller snefter.

snefter Flat Armor Finger Knuckle Ring, $15.99,

(It’s not quite as long as the E + J version above, but not quite as short as the small version.)

Also find their YSL Arty Oval Ring lookalike KILLER Chunky Gold Finger Ring, and their Forever 21 sideways cross lookalike Sideways Cross Connector Double Finger Knuckle Ring in their store as well.  Oh, snefter – you crafty caster, you!  Now, the rings they offer for sale are not exact copies down to the millimeter, but they’re pretty goshdarn close.  It’s obvious that the original pieces were not used in the creation of the molds this person uses in their jewelry, but still…they’re amazing doppelgangers!!

And speaking of that Forever 21 sideways cross ring that just EXPLODED in popularity last year (some people were paying $95+ for it on Ebay!)…

Find’s Double Finger ‘Cross’ Ring (above left) here and ShockBoutique’s Two-Finger Cross Ring (above right) here.  And I just re-stocked my silver sideways cross rings in my Etsy shop, too.

My version of the ubiquitous sideways cross ring.

Any designer rings you’re looking for me to sniff out an affordable version of?  Or a DIY?  Let me know in the comments!

All ring photos copyright of their respective owners; FashionToast photo from this post here.

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Inspired Alert! Kali Wrap Bracelets vs. Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet

Odds are, if you’ve been living anywhere except under a rock you will have noticed Chan Luu‘s beautiful beaded wrap bracelets, which have been making the rounds everywhere from the Internet to the wrists of celebs since at least last year.

A little bit boho, a little bit dressy, these bracelets come in turquoise, jade, silver, and a whole variety of semiprecious stones and metals, woven onto leather cords, to add a bit of color and flash to your wrists.

Amazing DIY’er and beader Ruby Mines shared her tutorial last year for making your own (that won Fan Favorite in The Ultimate DIY Competition on Cut Out + Keep!)…and I have to say, I just couldn’t tell the different between the original and her version!!  (I think she’s taken down her tutorial since I can’t find it any more…sorry!)

(Edit 4/19: In the comments a reader mentioned a video tutorial for this bracelet done by SewPetiteGal.  Check it out if you’re looking to make your own version.  Thanks for the heads-up!)

Now has come out with the exact same style of bracelet…except for $14.90.  (And using glass, plastic, and wood beads and polyester cording.)

Which would you buy?  Pay homage to the designer who came up with the original…or be frugal and snap up the cheaper version? Does the Chan Luu version deserve its $170 pricetag…and is it more ethical as a consumer to buy it?




images from the respective websites above; photo array by me.

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