Odds are, if you’ve been living anywhere except under a rock you will have noticed Chan Luu‘s beautiful beaded wrap bracelets, which have been making the rounds everywhere from the Internet to the wrists of celebs since at least last year.

A little bit boho, a little bit dressy, these bracelets come in turquoise, jade, silver, and a whole variety of semiprecious stones and metals, woven onto leather cords, to add a bit of color and flash to your wrists.

Amazing DIY’er and beader Ruby Mines shared her tutorial last year for making your own (that won Fan Favorite in The Ultimate DIY Competition on Cut Out + Keep!)…and I have to say, I just couldn’t tell the different between the original and her version!!  (I think she’s taken down her tutorial since I can’t find it any more…sorry!)

(Edit 4/19: In the comments a reader mentioned a video tutorial for this bracelet done by SewPetiteGal.  Check it out if you’re looking to make your own version.  Thanks for the heads-up!)

Now Alloy.com has come out with the exact same style of bracelet…except for $14.90.  (And using glass, plastic, and wood beads and polyester cording.)

Which would you buy?  Pay homage to the designer who came up with the original…or be frugal and snap up the cheaper version? Does the Chan Luu version deserve its $170 pricetag…and is it more ethical as a consumer to buy it?




images from the respective websites above; photo array by me.

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