Craftomania! Japan Hobby Show 2012 (lots of photos)

Every year in late April the enormous Japan Hobby Show takes over a huge exhibition hall in Odaiba for 3 days straight.  Buyers and avid crafters from all over Japan flock to Tokyo to visit the Hobby Show, see the latest techniques, pick up the newest products, engage in workshops and demonstrations, and celebrate all there is to love about crafting.  I’ve never been before but luckily my last-minute trip to Tokyo happened to coincide with the 36th annual Show, so I was able to spend a day last week visiting the show and ogling everything.

I thought the giant saw outside the complex was quite apropo.

The place was packed and even though I arrived at 10 AM on the dot, I had to wait in a huge line for 40 minutes until I could get in the doors.  That line of people above?  It’s all one line that snakes around at the back to return on the left side of the photo.  Yikes!

But once inside, there was such an array of things to be ogled!

Seriously, pretty much every craft I could think of that is popular in Japan was represented at booths and tables throughout.


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Introducing: DIY Bloggers Fashion Week! PLUS Tutorial 1: Dolce & Gabbana Jelly Sandals by Glitter’n Glue

New York, London, Milan, Paris…
Fashion Weeks happen all over the world and so is our inspiration!
We are proud to introduce you to the 
What we liked
What we coveted
What we hand-crafted

…It’s DIY Fashion Week.
And we’ll show you how!
One week.  6 projects.  All DIY of current trends straight from the runways.
Coordinated by the amazing Alessia of Matter of Style, this week is all about DIY!

First up: the incredibly talented Kristin of Glitter’n Glue and her lovely Dolce & Gabbana-inspired Jelly Sandals.  How pretty are they for summer?

Check out Tutorial #1:

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Jelly Sandals by Glitter’n Glue


Keep checking back for daily projects inspired by high fashion…and mine will be posting on the 21st!


~Spread the DIY love and share this!~

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Portland Bloggers April Cocktail Party Event

Hello everyone!
So the Portland Bloggers’ meetup is having an upcoming event…this time an evening cocktail mixer! If you’re a Portland-area blogger (blogging about anything, not just fashion! Women AND men both welcome!) please email hostess Jenni for more details!

Also, if you are a local business and want to inquire about sponsorship opportunities to help get your name, product, and service in front of a group of connected and resourceful bloggers and a large pool of potential customers, please email Jenni for more details!

I think this might be a good occasion to get out a party dress… In my case…a DIY party dress…

See my coverage from the last Portland Bloggers’ Meetup – and see other area bloggers – by checking out my post on it (clicky clicky the link!)!

~Please share this post with any Portland-area blogger you know!~

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Portland Blogger’s Brunch February Meetup

I’m a member of the Portland Blogger’s Brunch group: a meetup of about 50+ local bloggers who meet once every two months to network, talk about all things blogging, and make some local blogger friends.  I went to my first meetup in December, and it was so much fun!

Yesterday we had our February meetup, hosted by Nicole of  Nicole-Marie Who? (above) at her lovely apartment meeting room setting.  We enjoyed a delicious brunch of mini croissants, quiche, chocolate truffles, ambrosia fruit salad, coconut macaroons, and champagne and orange juice.  (more…)

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Portland Blogger Meetup, Lunch and Gift Exchange

Sunday afternoon was the monthly Portland Blogger Meetup – where we noshed lunch munchies, networked with other local bloggers, did a holiday craft, and exchange Secret Santa gifts.  It was great to meet up with other PDX [airport code for Portland, OR if anyone was wondering] bloggers, and see the range of styles and blogs represented.


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