Project Runway Alum Laura Bennett Blogs DIY for Project Accessory

I’m currently swamped with projects and midterms for my classes, so today I’ll leave you guys with this quickie blog post.

Are you watching Lifetime TV‘s new series, Project Accessory?  I’m on the fence about it (although I do love accessory design!) simply because I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, and have given up on y formerly favorite show, Project Runway, after the move to this network and the meddling of Bunim/Murray with everything that made the show great.  Word has it this permutation of the soon-to-be franchise is still trying to find its footing inamongst the inevitable comparisons and the producers’ fondness for manufactured drama. But here’s something neat and DIY-related!  Project Runway alum Laura Bennett (Season 5) is coming out with a book called Handmade Chic: Fashionable Projects That Look High-End, Not Homespun (Jan. 2012), and is blogging for Project Accessory.  Every week she’ll feature a DIY of the winning project, which is really cool!  (Much better than the buy-the-winning-look possibilities that have cropped up from time to time throughout Project Runway’s run…since this democratizes fashion for everyone!).

Check out the first project and follow along with her blogging here:

Laura Bennett’s Blogs for Project Accessory

Has anyone been watching Project Accessory?  What do you guys think so far…must-see TV, or only good enough to read the recaps?



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My Favorite Blogs

Image from iStockPhoto – and no, this photo isn’t of me.

I’m sure, if you’re into fashion (and reading about it on the internet), you’re all already following Sea of Shoes, …love, Maegan, the Glamorai, KarlasCloset, FashionToast, Luxirare, childhood flames, Karen-wheredidugetthat, WhatIWore, GaranceDore, Kingdom of Style, and StyleBubble, no?

Sure, those are the really well-known ones (and personal faves). But I also am in love with some other, smaller blogs as well – maybe you’ve heard of them, and maybe they’re all new to you! I love hearing about what blogs other people are reading – and love even more discovering someone new! So here are a couple to introduce to you – definitely pay them a visit if you get a chance! In no particular order… (all photos are sourced from their respective blogs)

DIY Jen Ell Style

Jen Ell has featured a couple of my tutorials on her site and has a slightly goth-inspired Etsy shop which she stocks with handmade jewelry, accessories, and clothing. She also shares craft tutorials she’s sourced from all over the internet (no granny quilts but really chic how-to’s!)

Fashion Roadkill

Love the blog name – love the random but totally chic fashion finds showcased there. Plus the music will have you lipsynching immediately.

Fashion Cappucino

Hailing from Honolulu (maybe I’m also waxing a little nostalgic for the 4 years I lived there), Shin puts together stylish, enviable outfits that don’t scream “I live in Hawaii!!!” but instead speak more to being fashion-forward rather than island casual.

Favorite Giveaways

Erica’s passion is giveaways and sweepstakes and that is what she showcases on her blog. Though she’s been inactive for a little while I can’t wait to see what she will find next!

Carbon Couture

The DIY’s here are brilliant. Straight off the runways, Cara shows you how to make everything from Miu Miu embellished socks to Vena Cava chain-straps for your shoes, to Luella-inspired floral pompons for your bag.

Vivat Veritas

A young Japanese seamstress showcases her sewn creations and fashion musings. Love her Etsy shop too! Plus, Chie was featured on Way to go, girl!

If you’re a DIY’er this blog is probably #1 on your reading list. Outi (from Finland) works tirelessly presenting the best and coolest DIY ideas out there – with a focus on recycling, reusing, and repurposing. Oh, and her zipper necklaces are TO DIE FOR!


Gorgeous fashion and style photos. Beautiful girl. Random, intellectual musings such as photos from the aftermath of the Chernobyl blast, or the sounds of electromagentic waves bouncing off the planets. You feel a little bit smarter and a little more “fashion-fed” after visiting Caroline’s blog.

Stars for Streetlights

Relatively new, this blog showcases some cool DIY projects. Stacie made not one but TWO Fendi fabric-rose-covered dresses (her own version). And another holiday dress recently. And a rose-covered scarf. Awesome or what????


Kristin and Megan showcase sweet, affordable picks from around the internet – they have BonBon deal of the day, which is a personal fave – and right now – tons and tons of gift guides (yes, for you AND the kiddies) which will have your holiday wishlist-making wheels a-spinning…or mouse finger a-clickin.’

the chloe conspiracy

You all know Chloe, right? Right? No? The petite whirlwind of burbling, over-the-top, verbose and utterly silly, ROFL-posts also showcases her shopping faves (fab picks from Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, and Nanette Lepore, for example) and sweet-as-pie outfits. Head on over for a giggle, stay for the endless shopping eye-candy.

aufdemaur by alex teale

Though not really a “fashion-specific” site per se, Alex’s blog showcases her drawings and paintings, which are dreamy, haunting, haute. She also has a personal site here where you can see more of her work. So inspiring!

If I haven’t mentioned your blog – I’m so sorry! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to showcase everyone. I’m still a loyal reader to many I haven’t mentioned…and I will write about you in another post, promise!

Happy Fashion Web-Surfing!

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