tula2You’ve all heard of probiotics, right? Those excellent-for-you bacteria that keep your gut (and the rest of you!) healthy and functioning? Well, taking probiotics internally for optimum health has been a part of many cultures for centuries (with culinary traditions of kefir, natto, miso, sauerkraut, and kimchee, for example)…but how about taking probiotics externally? Would the same benefits we experience when consuming probiotics also come into play when applied to our skin?The answer is a resounding YES. Recent medical research and studies show that topical application of probiotics is excellent for your skin’s health. And unless we all want to go smearing kimchee on our faces (yuck!) there’s a much easier way to incorporate probiotics into your skin routines. With the invention of the TULA 4-step system, it’s now super-easy to reap the same benefits of probiotics for your insides…on your face. Founded by gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj and Ken Landis [co-founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics], TULA is truly a system for life. Each product is infused with a probiotic complex which contains yogurt, green tea, blueberry extracts, and vitamins A, C, and E. Fruit extracts are also incorporated into the line.

I was sent the TULA 4-step system to try out myself. The system consists of the Purifying Face Cleanser (MSRP $25), the Illuminating Face Serum (MSRP $75), the Hydrating Day and Night Cream (MSRP $49), and the

tula1Here’s what I found:

*the Facial Cleanser is light and only a little bit goes a very long way. It mixes with water easily and produces a soft foam, removing all traces of oil and dirt. Love it!

*I then follow with the Face Serum – which in just a short period of time has increased my skin’s luminosity and begun to diminish my dark spots. My skin feels like porcelain after applying it, soft and renewed.

*Then, the Hydrating Day and Night Cream. This is a thick cream from a tub. I find the consistency of it to be quite thick, so for those with dry skin it would likely be perfect. For someone like me, with oily skin, it feels a bit heavy. The scent and consistency reminds me of cold cream – I’m afraid I’m not a fan. As a night cream I think it’s okay, but as a day cream, especially in Summer, I find it a little overwhelming.

*Finally, the Revitalizing Eye Cream. This is probably my favorite of the TULA products: it spreads well and truly, truly moisturizes all those fine lines around my eyes (which remain soft and dewy for hours after application).

Final vote: I really like the Facial Cleanser and Eye Cream, which feel great and produce tangible results even in a short time period. I’m on the fence about the Face Serum because although it’s really improved the brightness and evenness of my skin, I’m having trouble getting used to the scent. The Hydrating Day and Night Cream is my least favorite, due to its strong smell and heavy consistency, though people with dry skin may feel the benefits. I think in general the scents of these products need to be adjusted to make a bit more pleasant and less medicinal.

However, with continued use I have noticed my breakouts have cleared up, my skin is luminous and soft, and has resisted getting oily (even though temps have risen into the 80’s here and we’ve been having blindingly sunny day after sunny day!). Woohoo for probiotics!!

Interested in TULA and how you can try out its amazing probiotic effects for your skin? The product line will be sold exclusively on QVC this Summer – coming soon! I’ll keep you updated) You can also follow TULA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates. Read more here:

TULA For Life (official website)



FTC Disclosure: I received samples of the TULA 4-step beauty system for review purposes from Tidal Labs and the Lucky Community. The above opinions are my own. I have not been compensated for this post. To read my full Disclosure Policy, click here.


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