Mixed-Media Rope Necklace: DIY (tutorial here). Skeleton-print T-shirt: sauce (similar here). Fitbit Flex in Slate. Watch: Baby-G in White. Chiffon and Eyelash Lace Culottes: as know as de base (Japanese brand). Zippered Tote Bag: Snidel (freebie from Vivi Magazine July 2013 issue). Ombre Clear-Heel Sandals: JINADICT (similar here).

I always hesitate when it comes to putting together an outfit to wear while walking around at Summer fairs and carnivals. outfit7.27.13_cu3 It’s boiling hot with little shade…so loose clothing (preferably little of it) is the way to go…but I burn within minutes of setting foot outdoors (even while wearing SPF 110). My shoulders need to be fairly covered up or else a long day of wandering around outside is rewarded with a new smattering of freckles and reddened skin…so no camis or sleeveless tops. And I want to be fairly covered up on the bottom since I’m adverse to showing my legs, need to be wearing something with pockets (to stuff ride tickets into), can’t wear anything too flippy that will give anyone a peepshow while I’m on a rollercoaster or something, and it needs to be appropriate enough for Hub’s boss (who we’re going with to the fair). But it’s just too hot to wear anything that will end up sticking to my legs.

outfit7.27.13_full It’s like a chess game, or the world’s most difficult logic puzzle.

outfit7.27.13_full4So I was thrilled to find these chiffon culottes from one of my favorite Japanese brands, as know as de base, when I was in Tokyo last month. Light, airy, washable, and yet long enough to cover everything I don’t want showing. Roomy – so they don’t stick to my legs when sitting down or walking for hours in high heat. Deep, hidden pockets that will hold onto ride tickets at a pinch. Polyester – so what they keep their shape no matter what. And a little bit fancy with the addition of eyelash lace peeking out from the hems.

outfit7.27.13_cu2Paired with my roomy sauce skeleton T-shirt (which I always adore the irony of), these culottes can get me through 6+ hours of wandering around dusty fairgrounds, without ending up the slightest worse for wear.outfit7.27.13_heels2

Though I didn’t wear these items to the fair for practicality’s sake, I decided to style this outfit with my new ombre heel sandals (a knockoff of the Jeffrey Campbell design) and a DIY Mixed-Media Rope Necklace. Fun colors and cool textures: woohoo! (Hence the fair reference as well.)

Made from a couple short lengths of climbing rope, rhinestone and nickel chains, some sew-on jewels, and embroidery floss. DIY tutorial coming soon! is here!


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday~outfit7.27.13_heels




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