Hair: Slicked back, pinned down, with addition of Prisila MechaRaku Mega Dango (LiYe) low

Rhinestone Necklaces: small one (vintage); Rectangle Rhinestone Necklace: DIY

Rings: mostly Target stacking rings, sets broken up and  re-mixed together (like these, but you’ll find way more stacking sets in the Fashion Rings section in-store)

Bracelets: all DIY

Watch: Black slap watch

Leather Laptop Case with Pyramid Stud: DIY

Computer: MacBook Pro (2006)

Men’s Chambray Shirt, Refitted: DIY

Picot Cobalt Trousers: ASOS (similar hereicon)

Pointy-toe Pumps: Colin Stuart (similar here)

Friday was my last day for my internship at the video/photography set rental and production design studio in NE Portland.

I’m a little bummed, but also a little excited, because great things are in store for the company…and me!  They have actually hired me part-time to assist as they re-structure the business and start to expand.  It seems I joined them at just right the time and got in on the ground floor!

Tomorrow a huge multi-national sportswear company is renting out the studio for a photoshoot.  They already used the space in July for a couple days, and are now back again.  This laptop sleeve I made from an old leather jacket is proving very useful…except I should have made it a little larger, since it won’t zip up around my Mac PowerBook.  Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

I layered a vintage rhinestone necklace I got off of Ebay with a DIY of a J. Crew necklace I did awhile ago.  If you’re looking for large-sized set rhinestones with holes in the back for stringing, both Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s have line of them in with the jewelry section.  And it’s about time, too!  Now you can make your own rhinestone jewelry without having to buy premade jewelry to pull apart, like I did in that DIY.

Exciting things are on the horizon for all of us!!  Hope y’all had a great weekend:-)




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