I just love it when a company takes something fairly entrenched in our culture – and makes a design improvement upon it.  Case in point: these Goody DoubleWear hair elastics and headbands I recently spied at my local Target.

I’ve been growing my hair out for awhile, and it seems almost every day I’m wandering around with a hair elastic around my wrist and a headband on, since I just like having my hair up and off my face most of the time (but I’m determined to wear it down since I went to all the trouble of growing it out).  But yes, the elastic around my wrist looks like precisely that…a boring black bit of elastic…and my headband often hurts my head after awhile but I can’t just slip it off when I’m out and about and stick it in my pocket or something.  (I go through plastic headbands like candy because I always misplace them somewhere and then sit on them or snap them in half somehow.)

Enter these lovely things – actually chic, affordable (around $4.99 for a set!), surprisingly well-made elastics that sport a thin metal tube.  The headbands come in a set of gold and silver – and the hair elastics come in black with silver, black with gold, or shades of blue with silver.  (There may be more, I just haven’t found them yet!)  They look amazing with a plain white blouse, or even dressy when worn with an LBD.  And they look fabulous stacked with other jewelry too!  I can easily pull my hair back with them when I want things off my face.  And then drop them back onto my neck or my wrist when my hair needs to come down for awhile.

They’re just brilliant.  And you can buy them anywhere that Goody is sold.  (Like Target!)

Buy the elastics online here

And the headbands online here

I’m just loving their minimalist, chic sleekness!!


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