Have you guys seen the “DIY the Look” series from tutorial-sharing site Cut Out + Keep?  I’m just loving the creativity, the style, and most of all…the celebrity looks on the cheap!!

Find out how to DIY your favorite celeb’s look from head to toe…they have some great breakdowns including Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen, Evan Rachel Wood, Audrey Kitching, Emma Watson, and Gwen Stefani, for starters.  (You may also see some tutorials in there from yours truly!!;-)

Get your craft on and re-create your favorite look!

Check Out the DIY the Look Series from COAK

I’ve been overwhelmed with classes last week and am finally getting back into things, though this week doesn’t look much better.  Hopefully I’ll have a DIY Links of the Week post up tomorrow – hang tight!


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