I was working furiously on a DIY Links of the Week Roundup this evening when I realized I still have to put Lil Tot in his bath and get him ready for bed, and by the time I’ve done all that I’ll probably be too tired to stay up and keep at it.  Ahh, the life of a woman with a 6-year old!  I always find myself completely spent by 9 PM…

So, in order to post something to make up for my lack of posting these past two days…here are some crazy comments I’ve received on some of my posts throughout the last four years of my blog being online.  Trolls, foot fetishists, Anonymous mean stuff, overly praiseful Spam, and just plain nutty (literally in some cases)…hope you guys get a laugh out of these!!:-D

{clicky click on each image for larger}

I’m a little rusty on my Civil War-era terms of measurement…but wouldn’t that be an hour and 27 minutes ago?  And did that article happen to be on my site…or just a random article somewhere else?

(I actually don’t know anyone named Alex.)


I even received a crazy X-rated foot fetish comment which I posted last night, but on second thought decided to take down this morning since I didn’t think it was worth posting.


Holy sihnzit, I’m really glad!

This person seems like a bundle of repressed teenage anger.  Who really hates friendship bracelets. Repressed teenage anger bracelets, anyone?

Well, that’s rlelay awesome, Boomer!

I didn’t approve the comment, but perhaps by posting this comment here instead, I will have saved this poor prisoner’s life from the Russian Mafia…until the next unsuspecting blog he is forced to comment on.

Actually, it is.  Carly SubtleJ. Cais.  (Not to overstate it, but I think the insertion of that word into my name was a feat of subtlety, too.)

Well canned painapple [or other export crop of Hawaii], I’m just tickled.:-)

Hope you’re okay now and the snorting fits are over!  …and I have no idea how to respond to the “lime in the coconut” one.

LOL! That is probably the greatest compliment I’ve ever received about my site.  (no joke)  Thanks!!

And yes, I read all my comments, even the Spam ones, to find little gems like these.  If you feel moved to add to my collection, feel free!  (But be nice!;-)  All other, normal comments I approve and (often) reply to.

If you run a blog, what’s the weirdest comment you’ve ever received?


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