My Website’s Comments are Crazy!

I was working furiously on a DIY Links of the Week Roundup this evening when I realized I still have to put Lil Tot in his bath and get him ready for bed, and by the time I’ve done all that I’ll probably be too tired to stay up and keep at it.  Ahh, the life of a woman with a 6-year old!  I always find myself completely spent by 9 PM…

So, in order to post something to make up for my lack of posting these past two days…here are some crazy comments I’ve received on some of my posts throughout the last four years of my blog being online.  Trolls, foot fetishists, Anonymous mean stuff, overly praiseful Spam, and just plain nutty (literally in some cases)…hope you guys get a laugh out of these!!:-D

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My First Evil Comment! (Crude Language)

So I’ve been writing for this little blog for a year and a half now (probably closer to 2 years if truth must be known), and in the beginning I had no comments. Ever. None, zilch, nada, zip. For more than a year. Then, maybe about 4-5 months ago, I started really working hard at this ol’ internet blogging thing – i.e., trying to network, joining groups, commenting on other people’s blogs…and as a happy result, finally receive feedback and comments from my readers (not a whole ton, mind you, but 1 or 2 per post). I love hearing what other people have to say, and responding on their blogs, finding new interesting bloggers…what a world out there.

But the major drawback of the internet is that it’s anonymous – you can spread nastiness quite easily, and do it without fear of repercussion. Take my first nasty comment (above) on my post about how to DIY your own Katherine Hamnett tee using handcut thermoflex vinyl lettering. If the commenter had specifically said what they didn’t like, I’d be able to respond in kind, or at least be like, okay, that’s their opinion, perfectly legit, fine, whatever.
What’s hideous? Are you an SATC/SJP-hater? Are you saying my final product pales in comparison to the original? That I look hideous in the photo? (I’m probably with you on that. I’m no model.)

But wow. 2:45 AM may not be time for Anonymous’ close-up.

My first negative comment! I’m finally somebody!!

I’m not looking to encourage nastiness or negativity, and I don’t want (m)any crudeness on my blog.

How do I deal?


Bwahahahaha it’s my blog, I’ll DIY if I wanna.



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