I hate settling for something in a different color when the color I want is sold out.  Take these faux-suede shoes, for example.  I could only find them in a tan color (from UrbanOg.com, sold out now), but I wanted them in a dusky rose color.  I already have a pair of tan suede heels, for goodness’ sakes!!  And I wanted that pinkish color desperately.  With leather, you can paint it…but with [faux] suede?

If you want to do it the right way, there are actual suede and nubuck dyes out there, but I wanted a faded , vintage-style look.  This was accomplished easily and quickly with a marker.

Ideally I probably should have used a fabric marker, but I didn’t have one in this exact hue…and I did have a COPIC marker.  So I filled in the parts I wanted pink, and paused every so often to rub the excess color off and massage it into the fabric fibers further.

And now I have pink shoes…until it rains the next time, I suppose!



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