So Fall is now finally waning towards colder days, and the first week of November has come and gone.  Here’s hoping everyone had a great Halloween! [if you celebrate it, that is;-)]

How Does She?’s DIY flowers from rick-rack and burlap are super-sute, and super-fast!  Did I mention that the little rick-rack flowers are supposed to take only 15 minutes to make?!  She’s linked up a ton of flower-making tutorials in the post – so check it out and be prepared to find a bounty of floral inspiration and must-do project!The Winners of the Today DIY Style Week from MSNBC were announced, and as Outi from Outsapop so astutely pointed out, the winners are all accessory-making projects rather than clothing projects.  Clothing is definitely a lot more difficult to DIY, since there’s such a range of sizing which often can’t be distilled to a “one-size-fits-all” set of how-to instructions.  (Maybe also a reason the Today Show didn’t bother with featuring any clothing projects, since specific instructions would most likely not be applicable to a mass audience.)  But that doesn’t mean that we definitely shouldn’t try!!

DIY Pearly Sunglasses by the In (ner) Sole o Cutie Boots let you channel your inner Lolita.  Try using other items besides pearls, like buttons, beads, gold leaf, or even spikes for a Gaga-esque makeover as well!
Angela Osborn‘s  Guide to Dressmaking – 8 Helpful Hints is exactly what it says it is: encouraging taking one’s time, following patterns step-by-step, and making a muslin/toile to deal with any fit issues before cutting into the good fabric.  (Among other useful tips!)  She also offers up an eponymous line of digital patterns available for download, where you can put those great dressmaking hints to work for you right away!

I love this incredible (and easy!) tutorial for Easy 3 Steps to a 3 Way Shirt from Cut Out + Keep user Emilyyy!  Totally doable for even the most sewing-phobic.

DIY Cone Stud Spike Bracelet is a simple accessory that packs a bit of a punky punch.  Check out Thanks, I Made It for the how-to!
Jazz up an old cardigan with some handmade flowers for an Anthropologie-inspired piece.  Tea Rose Home used some fabric yo-yos, felt, and lace to make her gorgeous creation – how beautiful is that?
Studs and Pearls used Clorox bleach and paints to create an on-trend DIY Galaxy Turban Headband.  Out-of-this-world chic at its best!

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