So two weeks have passed since my last DIY LOTW, and it’s high time I shared some links that have caught my interest since then.  Lots of projects and ideas are in my inspiration folder for the past couple weeks…

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Yup – that’s pretty much where I get my inspiration…from nature.  Where do you get yours?

Dismount Creative shared this super-simple way to make a pair of el-cheapo shoes with a faux woodgrain sole…look much more expensive than they are.  With a Sharpie, no less!  Check it out here and give all your ugly Target and Payless shoes a clean makeover.

Though it has nothing to do with DIY, I just loved this illustration from Retrogasm: History of Fashion Silhouettes.  I kind of want to add 2011 to is: loose blouse + poufy 80’s-style pants!! 😉

Smashion Babble posted the hottest nail colors for Spring 2011.  I think they need a coral-red-orange to add to the list!!

Chic Intuition‘s DIY Balmain Ripped and Safety-Pinned T and Slashed Pants are so simple but so effective.  Where are all my razorblades??

LOVE this D&G-inspired music clutch by Cut Out + Keep user Andrea.  Music to my ears hands. LOL

Soccer Mom Style is at again – this time with a trio of DIY Alexander McQueen-inspired miniaudieres!  GREAT idea to use separate rings to emulate the look of the knuckleduster…and a brooch pinback!  Genius!

(And we all saw Honestly, WTF‘s tutorial for the DIY Miniaudiere, right?  Best use of a sunglasses case I’ve ever seen!)

Naughty Secretary Club posted 20 Favorite Green Craft projects for Earth Day. (April 22)  3 days left – so get your craft on!

We all know how much I love a men’s shirt makeover!;-)  Here’s a cute project that turns an old shirt into a sweet skirt from Hawadare!

Recent favorite affordable and cute shopping destinations:

Shock Boutique DIY Links of the Week 3.21   3.27.11 Sock Dreams DIY Links of the Week 3.21

And since I’m not doing my DIY Roundups anymore, if you have a DIY project, tutorial, or creation that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts!



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