Two weeks have gone by since my last roundup…and in the meantime, Spring is finally here!  It’s been weird weather all last week, alternating between snowing and then hot, balmy days, but now I think it’s officially Spring.  The plum outside our house has bloomed, the person I hired to mow my lawn hacked my shrub into a tree-shape by removing the bottom 2/3 of the branches (maybe he thought it was actually a tree???), and I’m spending the week cooped up inside with a head cold that is steadily worsening.  At least I’m getting back into the DIY!

So what has everyone else been up to?

Alicia from Dismont Creative made this perfect zippered pouch out of fabric she designed herself…no, not on Spoonflower [where I’ve had a blast designing custom fabrics before]…but with Sharpie Fabric Markers!  The final product looks so amazing she could definitely sell them!

I’ve seen it done with markers before, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it with paint: DIY Saddle Shoes, found on Rookie Mag.  How darling are they…and think, you could even do them up in pastels for Spring!

Clones n Clowns did a fabulous reinvention of those Jeffrey Campbell studded Tick wedges everyone was DIY’ing last year…except hers are done with pretty spangled stars!  I’m thinking perfect Fourth of July shoes maybe?  Or something extra-chic for glamming up the everyday!

Speaking of the Fourth of July, maybe you’d like to make a DIY Free People American Flag Scarf, with Katarina of She Sells Seashells?  She may be based in Germany, but her American flag is just a work of art!  How about trying it yourself…or making a scarf of the flag of a country that is near and dear to you?

Going on a trip sometime soon?  How about a beautifully chic DIY Passport Cover from A Cleaner Closet?  You could use any scraps of leather or vinyl you have in your stash…or even raid the upholstery section of your local fabric store for some exotic faux alligator or faux ostrich!!

Maya from Soccer Mom Style built on my post on How to Paint Leather by mixing her acrylic paint with Textile Medium to prevent cracking on a belt that would normally be flexed frequently.  Her DIY Pastel Mint Belt is just gorgeous – and a great solution to acrylic paint cracking with use!This DIY Flowered Alexander McQueen Clutch from Make Me Sparkly is just perfect for Spring. (It may be from last year, but it totally looks 2012!!)  Love all her work on it!

Chictopian Ellephoto posted a quick n easy tutorial for DIY Lace Pocket Shorts.  Beautiful, pastel, and warm-weather-appropriate!  Love it:-)

Thanks to everyone who sent me your great projects!

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