Another week has gone by in a thrice.  Between spending 3 hours a day in the car toting Lil Tot to and from school, I’m also trying to stick to my workout schedule.  For almost a month now, it’s been 6 days a week of hard, grueling workouts.  Focusing on getting healthy, I’ve been preparing a lot more meals at home, measuring everything, and trying to cut out the junk.  There’s been a few visual improvements overall, and I’m feeling a lot better – but all this activity is making me exhausted, ready to hit the hay at 9 o’clock at night instead of staying up and browsing the Internet for more DIY.  You guys have been so great in sending me links to your projects, I wouldn’t know what to do without you!

So here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

Crafting Your Own Fashion – a Frugal Fashionista’s Guide from Frugal Beautiful contains a number of must-try tutorials and ideas.  It will definitely keep you busy for awhile!

And the hardware as adornment trend continues! Henry Happened‘s Instructable for a grosgrain ribbon bracelet from a hose clamp looks so chic I had to look twice at it to realize it came from Home Depot!

Make some easy fabric feathers with the help of Ez from Creature Comforts (as posted on 100 Layer Cake).  Use to decorate headbands, brooches, jewelry – even as a cruelty-free option for weaving into your own hair!

From The Opposite of War comes this sweet fringed boho backback-style bag.  It could also be done all in leather or vinyl if you don’t want to use fabric, and looks so chic!
Freshly Given has another fabulous white blouse to share…and this time it’s made from a skirt!  Check out her Grandma’s Skirt to Blouse tutorial here.

New DIY blog discovery! has sprung onto the scene with a number of fresh, cleanly-edited, easily-achieved DIY’s.  Love the graphics and simplicity of it – and check out all her fabulous DIY’s like her Little Black Bow Belt.

A Matter of Style posted a great Bananas Bag DIY inspired by Prada.  How fabulous are all those little bananas??

Love kitty-cats?  Make some Charlotte Olympia-inspired Cat Flats with the help of Andrea from The Paper Sparrow, posting on The Teal Cat Project.  Utterly adorable!

Thanks I Made It just started a DIY blog and posted a tutorial for this lovely Chain-Link Agate Necklace.  It looks earthy, bohemian, and just perfect to go with all that Fall Fashion heading our way!

If your project was featured above, feel free to grab a button and share the DIY!

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If you have a DIY how-to or tutorial that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts! (Tutorials/how-to’s with steps and photos included please! So everyone can share in the DIY goodness:-)



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