For most of you, the champagne’s probably already been uncorked, the toasts made, the celebrations well underway by now. I’m relaxing at home in front of the yearly impersonation challenge marathon on Japanese TV, munching on tangerines. And updating the old blog!

So here’s a look back at all the DIY tutorials I shared with everyone for the entire year. Well, gosh – when you look at them all like that they look like a huge amount. I really did a lot this year! (I actually made tons more things; these are only the documented-on-Blogger items.) And this was really only posting in earnest since April, since I had sort of forgotten about this blog since founding it in 2008.

Here are the DIY links again, if anyone wants them:

Men’s Shirt –> Cute Summer Dress
Men’s Sweatshirts—> Blouson Top
Men’s Shirt Collar —> Bow Headband
Men’s Sweatshirts —> Chanel-Style Cape
Cut Off T-shirt
Men’s Shirts —>Babydoll Dress
Men’s Shirt—>Bustier Dress
Men’s Sweater—> Short-Sleeved Top
Lace Top—> Lace Vest
Denim Jacket—>Studded Bleached Vest 

Ikea Fabric Dress
Chanel Fabric Marker Tank
Easy Pocket Skirt
Band Jacket
Tie-Dye Denim Skirt
Punky Patriotic Tank
Scribble Tee
Cut-Out Skull Tee
Chiffon-Trim Minidress

Warrior Belt
Half-Scoop Leather Gloves
Feather Headband
Chanel-Style Shoe Clips
Shredded Tights
Flowered Neckpiece
Shoe Elastics

Rhinestone Panja
Tom Binns Safety-pin Earrings
J. Crew Rhinestone Necklaces
Multi-Layered Pearl Necklaces
Multi-Chain Harness
Zipper & Chain Harness
Plumbing Hardware Necklace
Multicolored Bead Necklace
Washer Ribbon Necklace
Sequin Brooch
Zipper Cuff
Beaded Bracelets
Mirror Shard Necklace
Lego Brooch
Pinned & Stapled Marc Jacobs Cuff
Wire-Wrapped Bead Necklace
Subversive Jewelry Chain Tangle Necklace

Studded Fringed Handbag
Conch-Shell Embellished Clutch

Super-Spiked Rodarte Pumps
Flower-Embellished Sandals

Hope you guys have enjoyed them and been inspired to try your hand at making some of them! Here’s to many, many more in 2010! *raises champagne flute of nonalcoholic cider*

As always, Happy DIY’ing and best wishes for a creative and fulfilling year!:-D



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