So, in the interest of interacting in different ways online, I’ve joined a couple social sharing communities…and I’d love to see you guys there! is a new micro-blogging platform (similar to Tumblr) that is driven by large-format, beautiful photography.

It’s for sharing all your lovely photos in their entirety, accompanied by a title or even short article…if you feel like it.  I had been thinking about joining Tumblr for awhile to reblog my photos, but was hooked when I checked out instead.  It’s all about the image (ideal for viewing on iPads!) and incredibly fun and quick to use.  I share photos on it that I have already shared on this blog…and some I haven’t!!…all extra-large and in all their glorious detail.  DIYs, design, and cooking – all made with my own two hands.  Also just surfing on the homepage is quite addictive as you tumble from snapshot to snapshot, from users all over the world.  Please follow along if you’re interested!

A DIY Life by carlyjcais on


Everyone seems to be on Pinterest nowadays – and it’s a great way of grouping inspirational photos, ideas, and wishlists into “boards” (think inspiration boards).  I’d been using Polyvore for awhile, but found I really like the organizational clarity of Pinterest; plus, the “pinning” feature (i.e., choosing an item to add to a board) is quicker and more streamlined than Polyvore.  (Polyvore is more collage-centered I feel, and is capable of some amazingly beautiful collages, but requires a much higher investment of time.)  I’m still getting the hang of Pinterest, but if you’d like to follow along, I’m often to be found there.

carlyjcais on Pinterest

Hope to see you guys on either site!  If you’re already on either platform, let me know and I’ll follow you!


FTC disclosure: I am a paid featured blogger on the platform, and provide them with feedback about their user interface as I experiment with the site and add my content to it.  However, whether I am paid or not my above opinion is still my own and uninfluenced by what I may or may not receive.   See my full disclosure policy for more information.

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