So how many of you are uber-excited about Project Runway coming back for its 9th and latest season??!

Though many people out there criticize each successive generation of designers, saying there’s never anyone as creative or talented as Jay, Christian, or Leanne from previous seasons…rather than compare and contrast I’d rather celebrate just some great ideas for fashion that appear on TV each week.  I mean, this is the show that made DIY a household name – and “make it work” a national slogan, giving the average viewer an intimate glimpse of just how much work fashion really is.

Here are a couple ideas I’ve seen so far and thought they’d be great to incorporate into future DIY’s:

Bert’s design, Episode 1

Wear a v-neck camisole underneath, and use a button-down shirt (or sheet!) with strategic tying to create a toga-like getup.

Olivier’s design, Episode 1

Take a leaf from Alexander Wang’s Olivier’s playbook and replace the sleeves on a woven garment with sleeves made of sweatshirt fabric.

Viktor’s design, Episode 1

Use contrasting fabric to cover the collar of a simple dress or blouse for a graphic pop of interest.

Anthony Ryan’s design, Episode 2

Though sunflower seeds may not be the most appropriate material, adding embellishment to a high-collared dress (like beads, rhinestones, or nailheads) makes the piece utterly chic.

Anya’s design, Episode 2

Colorful ropes woven in a body-conscious pattern make a bold statement.

Danielle’s design, Episode 2

Utilize a net bag or open-stitch fabric to create an outer layer for your outfit.

Who are you rooting for?  I’m drawn to Anya, because of her signature style, but for design skills alone it’s still too early to tell.  Viktor or Olivier?  Maybe Danielle?  I can’t wait to see the next episode tomorrow!


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