Just a casual day, mixing up patterns…we got brushstroke letters, script letters, thick stripes, and plaid – oh my!

*Men’s Mossimo Western Shirt
*handmade jersey scarf
*black pearl n chain necklace
*Jus Animalium A Hen’s Poem organic t-shirt
*unknown bag
*Genetic Denim Riley Ripper Bootcut Jeans
*Fergie Gallop Ankle Boot
*Claire’s Infinity Diamante Ring
*Priscilla clip-in extensions

*Men’s Mossimo Western Shirt (now sold out online, but similar style here) taken in at the side seams for a more feminine fit.  I totally wanted a black n gray plaid shirt, but the women’s ones I found that weren’t overtly frilly or way too Western started at $25 wherever I went…and I’m so cheap, I even skimped on the couple bucks difference and picked up a men’s shirt in a size S from Target…and took in the side seams to make it a little less baggy.

*handmade jersey scarf – I wanted a striped scarf, but couldn’t find one I liked, so just bought a yard of jersey for $7.99 from the sewing store, and sewed myself one.  (Cut strips 12″ wide, join together at the ends to make 80″, then fold together right sides together, sew the seams, leaving a small gap at one end, turn right-side-out and topstitch.  Easy-peasy…and super-soft!)

*black pearl n chain necklace (similar style here) – a Christmas gift from my Grandmother-in-Law (yup, I just wrote that!) Would that we all had stylish grandmother-in-laws (grandmothers-in-law??) who would send us lovely presents from Japan that are all over the street style fashionistas and girls in the know!  The best part about this is the bow:-)  [I won’t mention the frilly thong underwear she also sent me…oops, I just mentioned it.]

*Jus Animalium A Hen’s Poem organic t-shirt – an organic and eco-friendly brand that strives to end animal cruelty.  A dollar from every Hen’s Poem t-shirt sold is donated to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

*unknown bag – bought in Japan in like 2000 or something.

*Genetic Denim Riley Ripper Bootcut Jeans from RueLaLa – can’t say how much I love these jeans.  The rips are actually reinforced underneath with no-show denim patching so they won’t rip further – LOVE that attention to detail.  And they came with a little removable XX pin!  So thugsta.  Right now Rock & Republic denim is on sale at RueLala – if you’re looking for more discounted designer denim check them out here.

*Fergie Gallop Ankle Boot

*Claire’s Infinity Diamante Ring (similar style here)

 *Hair: (similar style clip-in extensions here) loose messy bun with Priscilla [Japanese brand] clip-in extensions

As you can see, I’m trying a different layout for my outfit info above…Let me know what you think or if I should go back to the previous layout.  Sometimes methinks I get too wordy and it must be curtailed.  And I say “methinks” alot LOL.

I’d love to hear your feedback re: outfit posting format!

And have a great weekend!



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