Hair: First-day hair, air-dried and hand-scrunched with wax in the ends

Quartz in Bullet Casing Necklace: another feather

Beaded bracelets: handmade by me

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive

Feather-print Chiffon Gown: Coca

Chanel-Style Fabric Marker Tank: DIY (tutorial here at bottom of page)

Black Lace Camisole: Old Navy

Cut-Off Denim Shorts: Hudson

Sheer Footless Tights: DIY (cut off the feet from a pair of sheer pantyhose)

Rubber Strap Platform Sandals: G-Shoes

Having trouble finding the pieces I’ve been lusting over for the last month from Japanese magazines, I’ve resorted to just buying online at RakutenBasically it’s akin to the Amazon seller’s marketplace and is the largest online e-tailer in Japan.  When in doubt, search Rakuten!  Some stores ship overseas, and also offer a forwarding service if they personally don’t.  Plus they offer an English interface (albeit strangely-translated in places) here.My chiffon gown and shoes are both bought on Rakuten.  I plan to add a little more to the gown: a drawstring waist, some shirring on the sleeves, and bits of lace at the edges – once I get back to the States and my sewing machine.  For now, it’s good enough as a sheer layer when I don’t want to go around bare-shouldered.  Though my mother-in-law said it looked like something her 90-year-old mother would covet, which is probably not a compliment.;-)

Yes, my shirt does indeed say “Cavort More.”

The shoes are called “Office Sandals” here; they’re what women working in offices wear while at work, slipping out of their high heels and donning these for the long days and many hours of standing.  They’re incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and have a wonderful padded solebed.  And were only 1900 yen!! ($21 USD)  Hopefully they’ll stand up to the miles of walking I’m doing here: Saturday, I did a fast walk of 1 hour to and from the park.  Sunday, I did a leisurely stroll of 3 hours window-shopping.  Monday I did an hour and a half, again a window-shopping stroll.  Tuesday was a 3-hour walk to, in, and from the park, with Lil Tot in tow.  And Wednesday was a 5-hour leisurely stroll window-shopping.  My feet feel like they’re going to fall off!!

Trying out shooting some photos in the mirror.

I don’t wear bright lipstick often enough, so find when I do I always feel self-conscious about it.  This one is quite orange, and is MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Rouge Artist Intense #40.Hope everyone’s having a great start to the weekend!  I’m off to visit with my mother and have some tempura.


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