There are soooo many high-end items out there that could be so easily DIY’d.  Case in point:

D&G A/W11 Colorful Letter Necklace 

Drill holes in old-school alphabet magnets and string on a chain.

Marni Plastic Necklace

Use different colored spoons and deform them following this tutorial.   Use a heated awl or needle to poke a hole at the end of each “petal” for stringing.

Jean Paul Gaultier Trench Dress

Cut off the left arm and lapel of a black trenchcoat – saving a little fabric to create a flap for decoration at the bustline.

Tom Binns Safety Pin Chandelier Earrings

Just add some safety pins to a cheap pair of diamante chandelier earrings.  Super-simple.

Kotur Box Clutch

Repurpose a sunglasses case and adorn with a big, sparkly brooch.

Marc Jacobs Embellished Sandal

The embellishment looks easy enough – just get some colored plastic raffia (in the gift-wrap or floral section of the crafts store) and wind around a domed button.  Secure to shoe with a glue gun or a shoeclip for removability.

Charles Anastase S/S11 Flowered Dress

Hand-sew (or use-eek!- a glue gun) to attach silk flowers to a long mesh sheath dress.  Wear over another dress, of course;-)

YSL Slanted Wedge Heels

Buy a pair of wedge heels that are a couple sizes too big – and punch extra holes in the ankle strap to keep them on.  You may have to get the front straps made smaller by a cobbler – OR you could just fold the excess over on itself and glue with leather glue.


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Scans from Marie Claire Magazine; other photos from or elsewhere on the web – if I’ve used your photo without credit, please let me know and I’ll fix it or remove it!



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