Trend: Make It Your Own! DIY Kits and Online Customization Interfaces

As of late, I’ve been noticing more and more fashionable items that are customizable to the wearer’s liking.  Though there’s always been Etsy for a one-on-one conversation with an individual seller (“Hey, can you make me one in this color and with a pocket?”), there are now more companies than ever offering options for their customers (beyond just sizing).  And some of those items are also on the luxury-end of the scale: clothing or accessories you can customize to the tune of a couple hundred dollars or more.  (That Fendi DIY NeedlePoint Baguette ($995) or Fendi Paint-Your-Own Baguette ($585) from last year spring to mind…;-)

Here’s a couple more I’ve noticed lately:

Sneaker Customization Kit

Paint your sneakers any way you want and add a dose of artistic boldness to your feet.  Includes sneaker wipes (to clean them of dirt or oils prior to painting), 5 paints specifically formulated for sneaker leather and to withstand flexing, a paintbrush and an extra pot for mixing colors.  (Sneakers not included;-)  And of course you’re not limited to jazzing up those high-top basketball sneaks either…or even limited to sneakers!  (Say you have a white leather bag you’d like to add some custom art to?  No problem!)


Prada Choose-Your Initials Sunglasses

You can choose your own 2 initials – or even your favorite symbols (like hearts or skulls) – to add a little bit of personalization to the arms of your Prada sunglasses.


Customizable Cuffs

From Owen & Savary, cuffs in their Bespoke line allow you to choose your favorite leathers and colors for a unisex piece all your own.

From $285 -,


Design Your Own Jewelry

Though I’ve written about it before, is a site where you can customize your jewelry into literally hundreds of combinations, choosing gold or silver, gemstone briolettes, chains, etc. – to make your own, one-of-a-kind DIY necklace, earrings, or rings.  Become a jewelry designer with just simple drag-and-drop!

From $2.88- ,

Make Your Own Havaianas

Havaianas, the name synonymous with summer and flip-flops, has just launched a new feature where you can choose the sole color, strap color, and crystals and pins on the straps – plus see the combinations that celebrities have made and get inspired!

From $25 – ,

Seen any other customizable stuff online?  Please share with everyone in the comments!


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High-Fashion DIY’s #2: Quick, Quick!

There are soooo many high-end items out there that could be so easily DIY’d.  Case in point:

D&G A/W11 Colorful Letter Necklace 

Drill holes in old-school alphabet magnets and string on a chain.

Marni Plastic Necklace

Use different colored spoons and deform them following this tutorial.   Use a heated awl or needle to poke a hole at the end of each “petal” for stringing.

Jean Paul Gaultier Trench Dress

Cut off the left arm and lapel of a black trenchcoat – saving a little fabric to create a flap for decoration at the bustline.

Tom Binns Safety Pin Chandelier Earrings

Just add some safety pins to a cheap pair of diamante chandelier earrings.  Super-simple.

Kotur Box Clutch

Repurpose a sunglasses case and adorn with a big, sparkly brooch.

Marc Jacobs Embellished Sandal

The embellishment looks easy enough – just get some colored plastic raffia (in the gift-wrap or floral section of the crafts store) and wind around a domed button.  Secure to shoe with a glue gun or a shoeclip for removability.

Charles Anastase S/S11 Flowered Dress

Hand-sew (or use-eek!- a glue gun) to attach silk flowers to a long mesh sheath dress.  Wear over another dress, of course;-)

YSL Slanted Wedge Heels

Buy a pair of wedge heels that are a couple sizes too big – and punch extra holes in the ankle strap to keep them on.  You may have to get the front straps made smaller by a cobbler – OR you could just fold the excess over on itself and glue with leather glue.


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