Backtracking a little bit to last month’s Portland Fashion Week…since I wasn’t able to post coverage immediately afterwards since I was in France sans internet access.

But on the day of – October 7 – I was not able to get any runway shots.

I only was in the lobby and did not receive clearance to shoot the show.  Over-capacity, apparently.  Whatever!  I saw Seth Aaron stumble and jam himself in the crotch with one of those poles holding up the red velvet ropes, which was all worth it.  (Okay, I’ve probably done the same thing too a thousand times.  I hate those ropes!)

So all the photos below are alllllll courtesy of my wonderful friends from OSI Photography (who, by the way, shot all my photos for the America’s Most Stylish Blogger competition last year – if you ever need an awesome, professional photographer – they’re the ones to go to!)

The shows Thursday night were separated into segments; the first, Cardi Wrap by Kymaro.

If you notice – the tops are all the same garment!  The soft, figure-flattering Cardi Wrap can be worn over 50 ways with its coordinating accessories.

Segment 2 housed the Seattle designer shows, with Lizzie Parker, Jesica Milton, and WyattOrr.

Lizzie Parker

Jesica Milton

Wyatt Orr

The Art Institute of Portland Fashion Show was third in the line-up, with designs by J. Calderon, Sophie Chang, Mihaela Munteanu, Melissa Gaynor, and Johanna Lindstrom.

J. Calderon (menswear)

Sophie Chang Bridal

Mihaela Munteanu

Melissa Gaynor
Johanna Lindstrom

 I really want that first silvery-grey jumpsuit.  I have no idea where I’d wear it exactly, but I still really want it.;-)

The fourth and final segment, entitled Catapult, showcased the Emerging Designer Competition Runway Show.

Devonation  Originally hailing from China, Devon Yam Berrong began his career as an artist .  His watercolor pieces have appeared in numerous publications and boutiques – and his debut collection for men and women for Spring/Summer 2011 contained more than 50 pieces.

Anar Couture  The name Anar is the designer’s first name spelled right-to-left as it would be in her native language; Rana Ghezelayagh (“ge-zell-ah-yahk”) was born in Iran and used all Iranian fabric in her first collection.  Many pieces can be worn in multiple ways to expose more or less skin depending on the wearer’s mood – and the lining fabrics were all exquisite and beautifully-colored contrast in contrast to the sleek outers.


Nelli Millard, who showed last year as part of NelliDru designs (and got flak for her “Michaels wedding dress,” “truly awful” website, and serious lack of design taste from the Portland Mercury), showed a collection with Russian-inspired coats, lame-coated dresses and jackets, and a beautifully-detailed crochet top and fringe skirts, showing growth and maturity compared to her last collection.

Catapult Winner Ms Wood, a Portland-based husband-and-wife team, showed a series of chic kimono wrap tops and dresses, accented with walnut, maple, and paduke wood platform shoes and accessories – all reclaimed from cabinet-makers.  The leather was all recycled from old leather jackets.

As the winner of Catapult, Ms. Wood will receive be featured in a full collection show at Portland Fashion Week 2011, a lookbook shoot with models provided by Ryan Artists, photography by Fashion Wire Press NY, and lookbook graphic design and marketing by 24Notion.

 Bracelets, earrings, a hand-mirror, and the wood-platform shoes with recycled leather ties.
 A cabinet piece after it’s been routed and used for Ms. Wood pieces.
The beautiful wrap-tie shoes.
Designers Alicia and Ben Wood. (last 4 photos taken by me)

What do you think?  Any of the designs catch your eye?


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