No, not the New York Times.  My local newspaper, the Tigard/Tualatin/Sherwood Times!!

Yes, folks – the Tualatin Times ran a feature of me in their latest edition which came out Thursday, Sept. 16.   They included some nice quotes from me about my efforts to undermine established brand names and force everyone to pick up a pair of scissors and start crafting away.  Yay for subversion!!

They also came to my house and had me play dress up (not that they had to twist my arm or anything, LOL!) and filmed me while doing it.  They put together a little video of me blabbering and preening for the camera too.  😉


No, in all seriousness, I’m so flattered that they did a story on me!  The story was also run in the Beaverton Valley Times as well, so that’s about 26,000 subscribers who got a great big gander of yours truly in that crazy pillowcase skirt of mine when they opened their newspapers yesterday morning. /*o*

Thank you so much for the feature and the fabulous video, guys – I’m beyond words!! 😀 😀 😀


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