Could you do a tutorial on how to make one of these headbands?

That’s an easy one!  They’re exactly the same principle as the instructions for making the main fabric part of my DIY Jennifer Behr Spiked Turban, except these headbands use a slightly wider piece of fabric, folded over and knotted in the middle.  (You don’t need to do an underpanel like in the Jennifer Behr turban; that was merely to protect the forehead from being scratched by the spikes.  For this version, “fluff up” the center knot to give it more volume so it doesn’t cinch the fabric too tightly.)  To me – it looks like one of the headbands is a stretch black velvet, but that could just be the lighting.  Definitely use a piece of fabric that has some stretch to it (i.e., lycra).

Hope that helps!
Have fun making your own-


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