So I’ve decided to forgo my “DIY Links of the Week” roundup since I honestly can’t keep up with all the great stuff out there, and by the time I come across it I’m often late to the game.  So here’s something new!  First off, please allow me to share a couple projects that have been on my radar that are just plain awesome.

These are embroidered, people.  Embroidered.  EMBROIDERED.

And then I must have had shoes on the brain because I became a little obsessed with the shoe makeovers.

Blogger Nurinia from shares her tutorial on making ribbon-tied wedge shoes with removable ribbon.  I love her idea for securing the ribbons, and how you can change them out when you tire of them.

ItsaboutSarah added lace and pearls to a pair of black heels to make these fantastic ladylike shoes.  Think of how well this would work on a pair of beat-up plain thrift store pumps!

Speaking of thrift stores, they almost never have shoes in my size (which is a very popular size 7.5).  But now I can start foraging for shoes that are too big for me, too!  Cut out the toes of a too-large boot and shave down the sole to create a peep-toe bootie, just like Lions, Tigers, and Fashion Oh My! did. Oh My!  And she made some DIY Miu Miu maryjanes.

So now here’s what’s new…I’d love to see all the projects you’ve been working on.  Here is my first…


Can’t wait to see everyone’s projects!




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