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hi carly! what´s your opinion about this: o this (sotty this one is in spanish)??
Ah yes. That’s ker-azy that Zara is using a blogger’s image without her permission. It’s legally actionable since she’s not a political figure, and her image is being appropriated in order to make money from it without her consent. Being “inspired by” and copying a photography exactly (even into a drawing) are 2 different things, especially when the copying is so exact that the original photo is instantly called to mind upon looking at the drawing. Zara knows better than using Kate Moss’ image without her consent on their t-shirts…the designer obviously felt okay using leblogdebetty’s image since she wasn’t as “big” a celebrity and therefore unlikely to retaliate – plus it was a photo out there on the internet, and the design team likely felt it was “fair game” (which it’s not!!).
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